ssd.ssdi denied first time out..of course

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    I was trying to prepare for denial, but in the back of my mind I really thought I would get it, because of my status of disabilty with state and my conversations w/ the adjudicator handling my claim.

    They've said that although I won't be able to return to my previous work (realtor) I would be able to do a lesser job, with no customer contact and since I am being treated for bipolar and fm and IBS that I wasn't disabbled.

    For one, there were more claims than that that the liason handling my case did not include.

    second...a treatment is not a cure and certainly does not eliminate symptoms.

    And since you have to swear to be truthful on applications, I will have to disclose that I will probably have to call in sick 3-4 times a week, I'll need a lot of time off for dr's and therapy sessions and that not to mind me when I scream out in pain, that it may look like I'm having a heart attack but I'm not. And when I totally forget what you've just told me and will have to tell me several times to do what it is you want me to do, oh, and to get me a soft cusshy recliner because I can't stand, sit or walk for very long..who do you think might hire me?

    Maybe I should apply at the social security office and see if they hire me.

    I've completely lost faith in God. I've been praying for help from all the saints and my Dad so that I won't have to sponge off my mom any longer. Every dime she gives me is another dime she doesn't have to live on. I'm literaly taking a day away from her life for every day I live.
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    I am so sorry hear about your first denial. Luckily I am past the stage where I really have to work and DH gets a good pension. However, I know what it is to have it thtese DD's) with all the symptoms and dealing with kids, my FIL living with us with alzheimers, and my home childcare business at that time. I had it towards the end and it was awful. Of course alot of that stress probably gave me the crud anyways. As you know, stress is not a good thing for us.

    There are many more here on these boards who have had your experience and know what it is like to be rejected the first and maybe even a second time. I can imagine how frustrating it must feel to be rejected like that and when you feel so bad.

    I am sure that others will post to help you get thru the frustration and blues you feel at this time. I don't blame you one bit. However, I do not think there are to many here on these boards (that I have heard anyways) who have NOT been rejected on the first try. Be prepared to try again.

    Some others maybe can hopefully give other ideas of what you might want to do nedt when you TRY again. Maybe the person helping you with your clain can help give you some ideas too.

    Sorry that I cannot be of any help to you but hope time and others can be of help to you. Good luck !! I know how hard it is to be patient when you feel so badly.

    Hugs and blessings,

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    I am sorry to hear it, but not surprised. The same thing happened to me.

    I hired a lawyer but told him to wait until I got the results of a sleep study I had just done.

    When I called to give him the results a week later, I was told he had already filed. So I fired him.

    Then went to a psycotherapist that actually treated my mom but I was always in the sessions so he knew me and saw how I was. I paid him to do a evaluation on me since I disagreed with the state psyc Dr.

    He did and he does not do this very often but knew I was unable to work with all my physical and mental issues. I have had depression since a teen, plus a little bi-polar which rears it's ugly head when I get really stressed.

    So you have a therapist? Do you have a good relationship with your Drs. It is much easier to get disabilty on mental rather than physical problems.

    My psyc Dr had served on the state board to approve cases at one time, so he knew the right languange and it worked. I got my back pay check 4 months later, it took a total of 9 months for the whole process.

    Having your Drs working with you is VERY important. You may also try to find a psych Dr that could do a evaluation on you, it is not cheap as ins doesn't pay but well worth it.

    I still continue to see him every 4 months and he gives me my meds for depression and ADD plus it helps for my reivews down the road. Keep very good records and ask your Dr for your records.

    A daily diary helps too if you have to end up going in front of a judge if they turn you down twice. Don't give up, they turn down over 80% of the people the first time.

    I wish you all the best and I am sure others with info will help you too.

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    thanks for the support...I was really peeved when I got the letter.

    Thanks for the referral to rocky. And one of the reasons I had thought I had a good chance at first time approval was because I am already on GAX. Started w/ GAU then after 6 month review they bumped me up to X (expedited), Categorrically Needy..and am in the "aged, blind and disabled category". I recieve full medical (medicaid) now and yes I recieve the small amount of cash and food stamps.

    When they bumped me up to GAX, my case was sent over to a "Social Security Disablility Liason" casworker. She was suppose to handle everything, because if I had not already applied, they would make me apply. If awarded the SSDI as well as the SSD, the DSHS (state) would get back the cash assistance they have given me out of my back pay. So I was told there was no need for a lawyer. She would take me through the first, and second stage and that if I had to go to third (court) then I would need to hire attny.

    My doc's are behind me 100%, and have permanent disabled parking placards, and am considered by the state to be long term disabled and won't need another eval for the routine yearly.

    My "casworker-liason" didn't even have everything listed in my claim. I made the application over the phone, and THAT lady didn't even put in the bipolar or fm. It wasn't until the adjudicator handling my application called and said that she was reviewing my file and noticed that I was dx'd with those and whether or not I wanted to alledge those as disabilities!!! Just the stress of the paperwork sent me into a manic episode and I told her that, she said not to worry and that I wouldn't need any extra testimonials, that she thought I had enough.

    Then she denies me anyway.

    So now I'm I continue to use this DSHS "liason" who I thought would be fighting hard to get me the SSD.SSDI because they would get there money back, but is obviously not doing a thing, or should I just go ahead and hire an attny who will take their cut and I will also have to pay back the cash assitance I am getting from state.

    I do live with my mom, and of course the money helps a lot...but it's not enough. I can't pay for my car or insurance with it. It is supposed to be enough to cover rent! I can't get to the store very often so sometimes can't even use the monthly food stamps and my Mom ends up having to pay for all the grocieris to be delivered, (they don't take food stamps online).

    Mom is wonderful...and insists I'm not a burden...but I KNOW I am. I was supposed to be moving in here after Dad died to take care of HER and help w/ mortgage and housework and such. Now SHE is taking care of me and I'm killing her slowly as she's not in the best of health either.

    I know this is a long, drawn out, whiny, complainy post...but I'm hoping to be out of this horrible mood by Monday so I can call my "liason" and call an attny. TY again Rocky..another freind also sent me a link to FM, SSD specialists in the Seattle area.

    The fog alone, in my opinion, is enough to not be able to work. I know I wouldn't hire me. Or I'd fire me within 2 wks!!!
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    lots of good advice here. Keep us up-to-date on your case. I am really interested in everyone's experiences.
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    I wanted to say how fortunate you are that you have your mother. I know that she loves you so much, she is happy to help you any way that she can.

    That is a blessing! Cherish this time with her!
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    I figure I am just going to go ahead and hire one now then...Maybe I won't have to wait until I have to go to judge then, since the dshs lady doesn't seem to be helping. It will just prolong it if she does't get it for me at the reconsideration level.

    And you're what...I've just GOT to have a monthy check...It'd be nice to have a chunk of money to pay my Mom back with, but like you say..maybe I can get it over and done with on the second time.
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    I've already read all through the disabilitysecrets site. Lots of info...but I'm still looking for more answers in regards to being on state long term disability w/ liason and why I didn't get federal disability and thinking I should just go ahead and get an attny despite haaving a "free liason". Maybe it will help me just get it at reconsideration level and not have to go to hearing.

    It all just gets so overwhelming that sometimes I feel like I'm losing the battle.

    I try to get inspiration from those of you who have had to persevere and those of you who say "I'm not gonna let this DD beat me" and continue to work and live ordinary lives.

    But somedays it's just hard to adopt that attitude.

    Thanks again for all your responses and support