ssd transfered from indiana to ca now az

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    i was wondering if anyone else has had their ssd case tranfered 3 times?

    i live in indiana, about a year ago they sent me a letter telling me that indiana was so backlogged that they sent it to orange county california.
    i have a company that my ltd is paying allsup to get my ssd.i called them yesterday to see if any news was available,and they told me that on august 29th they had transfered it to tuscon az. has anyone else experienced this? does anyone know how the judges in az are?

    thank you shmilycsc
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    as far as the judges my understanding from the one i had in california north of san francisco, they travel from differnt states he said he had to reschedule a new trial date for me, because when i showed up w/my attorney my wonderful hmo did not transfer the copies of reports to ssa.

    and for the transfer of your case i don't know why they would do that never heard of it before.

    good luck

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    thank you.

    im wandering how harsh the judges in az are?
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