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    Has anyone been turned down by SSD and they reapplied and added a letter with it? Maybe making a statement as to "the day and life of me" kind of thing, listing all aches/pains/weaknesses.

    The area where they have their questions is not big enough to put answers in. It leaves you very limited on your statements which I think is very unfair!

  2. annab

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    They require much more than just your word for it. I won on my third try, when I went before a judge. We had a couple hundred pages of doctor records.
    Lawyers who do Social Security cases don't cost anything unless you win. Then Social Security pays them out of your settlement.
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    They lost my appeal for reconsideration after three months of waiting so after calling the national office and the CA. office, they told me to fax the supervisor marked urgent about what has happened and to expedite my case.

    I wrote a two page letter demanding they find my file and that three months to someone in chronic pain is like three years so this is totally unacceptable. The supervisor in the CA. office actually had the nerve to tell me that since I sent it in October, it's probably still sitting on someones desk you know with the holidays and all.....

    I twisted all their words around like they did to me and I also wrote that I'd like them to change my answer for the question they ask about "Your Daily Activities"

    I wrote..."My daily activities include filling out paperwork with my numb cramped up painful hands that are attached to my stiff, sore, achy, flu-ish, nauseas body that eventually gets a headache from sitting down too long and staring at this paperwork in the bright lights. I most often require someone else to finish writing or typing for me for this very reason. While I am doing this, I am busy trying different medications and experiencing the various side effects that go along with them, hoping and praying that someday I'll find the right combination of medications that will improve the quality of my life to the point where I can work again."