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    Has anyone noticed if age makes a difference when applying for SSDI? How about the updates they send every few years, do younger people receive more questionaires than older people? Has anyone been on SSDI and then taken off for one reason or another? And why? When do they stop checking up on you?

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    To answer some of your questions:

    Does age make a difference? Yes I do think age can play a part in SSDI, the older you are SOMETIMES they say the better..BUT on the other hand if your medical conditions are severe enough which cause you to be disabled and you have enough evidence from medical records etc...then age makes no difference. I am only 31 and and was approved at the rconsideration stage for Disability.

    Do younger people Recieve more questionaires? No once your approved your age makes no difference in how many times your reviewed. It all depends on your Medical conditions. It depends on 1.If your most likely to improve(can be reveiwed every 6 to 18 months) 2. Possible to improve(reveiwed every 3 years) or 3. unlikly to improve(reviewed every 5 to 7 years). Once you are approved for SSDI, your approval letter will state how often you will be reviewed.

    Some of the other questions im not able to answer for you, like has anyone been taken off SSDI.

    When do they stop checking up on you? Not until you reach retirement...Or are no longer Disabled.

    Hope this has helped some!


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