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    Every day my coworkers literally shiver with fear that they will be let go. I've been told I'm at special risk because I've been out ill (unpaid) for a week here and there at a time.

    If I were to lose my job, it would be a combination of CFS and the economy, and I wouldn't be able to get another because word does get around and there are so few jobs right now.

    I feel frustrated because I know that employers won't hire someone with a disability.... it may be illegal, but they don't have to say why they are not hiring a particular applicant. Yet I might not be "fully disabled."

    Has anyone else dealt with a situation like this?
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    Employers during an interview cannot legally ask you anything about your medical history or health. They cant even ask your age. (atleast in the U.S.) Therefore they will never know that you have a disability unleass you tell them. You acually have an advantage right now being that you are sick. They will maybe most likely not lay you off in fear that you will sue that that they layed you off due to your disability. Companies are careful during layoffs in who they layoff. SO they cannot come back and sue for discrimination. They often have to make sure there is a certain amount of people in age brackets, races, and sexes. Even if they are laying off due to hard financial times.
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    but in my line of work I am expected to work 40-50 hours per week and that may be too much. There is no flexibility to cut the number of hours. There will be no accommodation made for me.

    All other jobs will have similar demands. I don't need a wheelchair ramp or special equipment; I need a nap in the middle of the day. This will not be considered a reasonable accommodation.
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