SSDI Appeal: Now I have mental health records BUT

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    I don't know what they necessarily said in my files LOL. I did get denied for SSI/SSDI on the basis that they could not find medical evidence of depression.

    So now after seeing several therapists and a psychiatrist it has been found that I have severe depression, and based on one of the meds that the psychiatrist prescribed me, helps me deal with hearing voices, songs and words repeating in my head constantly, and all sorts of stuff-- it drives me crazy, and so in looking up the medication it comes up as psychotic depression or schizophrenia?! Wow! I did not think that things were that bad for me mentally but they were getting there.

    I was trying to avoid getting to a point of checking myself in to a mental hospital and then thought sheesh I can't afford that bill. LOL.

    So I am assuming I would include all of the addresses of the counselors that I have visited that would support my mental health and physical health claim. Then I need to figure out what it is that I am dealing with here with my mental health. I know I should have asked when I saw the psych at the time but after sitting for over 5 hours to see him, I was not very coherent.

    So I am trying to figure out what to say with this appeal, or is that where the attorney comes in and takes care of it all?

    Let me know.
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    I am actually going through the first denial process and going through my appeal, so no judges yet.

    I need an attorney at this point to start this process. I am not trying to get sicker here by doing it all by myself.

    I am going to call a different attorney actually instead of a big nationally known one tomorrow. Something inside is telling me to call for a different attorney.

    I figure the ones that are not so nationally known or statewide known so well (meaning I don't see a commercial for them on TV) will fight harder for my case and I will not fall through the cracks.

    I had a wonderful attorney last year when I had to file for bankruptcy and we even worked out a payment plan for me, as my payments were coming from my state disability.

    Anyway I do wish that I saw a therapist and psychiatrist beforehand BUT well life happens. It takes a lot to go see someone about issues in one's life and to fully open up like that.

    So I have actually seen both already the therapist and psychiatrist. I actually talked to two therapists already. I have a therapist I keep in contact with on a regular basis with. I will be calling her tomorrow or Tuesday on some things.

    It seems that my appeal would have a more deeper focus on my mental issues than my physical issues. I am a little ashamed to admit this but I do have more mental issues on top of the physical issues I go through.

    I just never dealt with my mental issues head on. I always ignored them or swept them under the rug.

    I was on state disability for a year and that ran out already about 2 months ago.

    I will be a part of my county group called Connections to see just what type of help I am eligible for. I will also be calling some organizations that my therapist gave me.

    From what I understand the attorney will attain the appeal forms and whatever that is necessary. I will mention that form one of you said to whichever attorney I choose.

    I will also call social security to get the forms too. My goal is to hire an attorney this week and get the process rolling this week.
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