SSDI Application was not turned in by caseworker, 2 months

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Starla, Jan 22, 2003.

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    I can't believe it!! I called to check the status, because it has been 2 months now and I thought they would have called me to see their doctors by now. The caseworker got sick and is on leave, so my application turned in on Dec 4, 2002 is still sitting on her desk. They apologized and said that they would turn it in today and ask that it be expedited. How depressing. I'm so glad I called! I'm going to my Neurologist this morning for a checkup. I am going to show him an article I found on people who had Scoliosis surgery in the 1960,70,80's. They are just now seeing the long term problems. One was Spinal Stenosis causing pain down the arms and legs. My arms and legs kill me all the time and I just blamed it on FM. Could be linked to the scoliosis surgery. Interesting site I found.
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    Believe me, I'd scream and heads would roll! There is NO excuse whatsoever for such incompetence, Starla, and I'd be sure to let them know that.
    I am so sorry that you're having to endure this. I may have to go through the same soon and I know I won't be easy to live with if I do.
    I don't believe I had (have) scoliosis, but I do have spinal stenosis and my arms and legs just KILL me every day and night.....Terrible pain.
    Bless your heart. I am so sorry.
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    Just happened to me too. Was that your first application to them or an appeal?

    Mine was an appeal for reconsideration, sent in October, called a week or so ago and it was "lost". They finally found it sitting on someone's desk UNOPENED after 90 days! And you know, for the reconsideration, you only have 60 days to appeal or your case is thrown out so when I called the national office they told me it was thrown out since I didn't appeal.

    I'm totally pissed at them so I wrote a 2 page letter and faxed it marked urgent to the supervisor of the local office as the national office told me to do. They said they would get it to the medical director last Tuesday and expedite my case and include my fax which hopefully will get them in a lot of trouble.

    All I can say is that they better approve me after all this or I'm getting the best lawyer there is and I'm looking into a lawsuit for pain and suffering or something since they sit on their lame asses disregarding all of our cases. And for everybody else in the process, I highly recommend calling every couple weeks or so and track down exactly where your case is and what is happening.

    So stressed out by the whole thing..............~LISA
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    They assigned my case to a new worker, it is my first application by the way, not an appeal. She said she would put a note on it to expedite it and send it in to the State today. She said that I didn't have enough medical release forms signed and would send me more and also she asked a weird question. Up until the time I quit work, did the value of my work decrease to the value of $780 month, even though I was getting paid more. She is sending me a form for me to fill out about the value of my work performed. That one is tricky. anyone have that before?

    I went to the Doctor this morning and they wouldn't see me. I didn't have my referral slip. I didn't know I had to have a slip! I just got Public Assistance for Medical, went to see their doctor and she referred me to see my regular Neurologist. They approved the referral and I made my appt. How was I to know they didn't fax it to him or something. They never said to come back to their office and pick up a referral. I had to reschedule.

    I applied for food stamp assistance 2 months ago and they have been asking for more and more paperwork, finally said it was approved, but never finished my case. I have been calling everyday to see when I would get it. He said the computers were down and he couldn't transmit anything. So I still wait.

    All this in one day is just too much, so I sat down and had myself a good cry :( .....

    Here we are in so much pain and agony, can't remember anything anyway, but we have to be the ones to stay on top of all of their paperwork to make sure they get it done. Then they get angry because you call so much. Trying to get assistance is more work than holding down a job.
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    That's exactly what they want. They want us to give up and say the hell with it, it's easier to get a job! That's how they weed out the fakers. I agree, it's us having to do all the paperwork and checking on things and we end up doing their jobs which is totally ridiculous.

    I think the reason she might have asked you is for failed work attempts. I qualified for SSDI since April 30th, 2001 since that was the last time I was able to work 4 days a week. I told them I had 4 more jobs in that year, I tried really hard but had to quit all of them from either being sent home or to the ER so many times. I also had to slow down my work hours and days till I was only working 1 day a week, the last day being Dec 31st, 2001. She called that failed work attempts so it didn't count so they will pay my back pay from April. (Well they go 5 months after the time you could not work anymore due to your illness, so I get paid from October.) So maybe that's why she asked you that.

    Question is are they ever gonna approve us so we get paid!

    I don't feel I should be the one's on their butts seeing if they are doing their jobs, I thought that's what a supervisor was for!