SSDI-Apply Online or in person?

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    I've been delaying long enough. It is time to apply for SSDI. Does anyone have any opinions on the best way to apply? The benefits/detriments of one form of application versus the other? Any insight will be greatly appreciated.



    Hmm...I think this is a warning. If I have questions about this and can't make up my mind the application process might be very long indeed! Luckily I can get an attorney once I'm denied for my appeal :)
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    I wish I had done it in person.My doctor and attorney both said I would have won if they had seen the way I look.
    Oh well too late for that . My hearing is Sept. Th. And I have a judge that my law firm says is really hard on this type of case.
    Sorry all the info I have. Good luck to you.
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    Don't go online--you need to get an attorney and a good Dr., that can write/document your disability. When you get to part 3 of deny, deny. You will go in front of a Judge hopefully with a brain!! that really looks at the dr. documentation and with the help of the lawyer will look and read all documentations. One important point the dr. MUST write that you can NOT engage in ANY MEANINGFUL WORK. Otherwise you are not eligagble for SSD!!

    By the way to know pay for the lawyer, when it comes to the judge part only if you win the case is the lawyer able to collect payment and the judge decides what he will's
    retroactive from the time youwere considered disabled!!

    Good luck--you need to get a lawyer that spec. in social security issues only.

    Love and Light


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    Please see my post "For those of Us Applying/Fighting For Disability". Alot of good info there...Just look over each topic heading...Different info spread through out the post.

    I would apply in person (just my opinion)! You can print off all the papers that needs to be filled out from SS website and then take them over to your local SS office when you file...This is what I did. I won my case at the Reconsideration stage without a lawyer.

    Good Luck
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    that if you don't look obviously sick, don't go in person, do it over the phone or online.

    I am applying for my son who has chronic lyme as he can't think straight... called the 800 phone # to get it started, meaning I got an app't to go talk to them for him (he doesn't need to show as he very likely can't),

    but they ALSO told me I could start filling the form out online in the meantime so they would have it for the appointment.

    The major thing I read was to have everything (doctors' records etc) in hand to expedite...Besides 'records', I am getting narrative reports from my son's treating doctors as well as have 2 from prior doctors.

    By the way, hubby was a psychologist for 20 years, it was amazing the difference a good narrative report could make for his pts that needed to be disabled... and while most should've been disabled for chronic pain initially, they were disabled on depression alone regardless.

    all the best,
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    I applied for my disability online in April 2004. I have not heard anything back yet. I applied online at the advice of a dear friend of mine that works for Soc. Sec Dept in California. She said that when someone comes in there to apply for SS they are allowed to allot 30 minutes to take the application. She said that you can't get enough info down in that time.

    I suppose if you fill it out online and bring it in that would help. However, she told me if you bring it in in paper form then they still have to type it all in so they really appreciate people that apply for it online.

    When my husband became disabled in 1993 you could only file in person. He was turned down the first time. She advised me with his appeal to send in copies of all test results (don't let the doctors just send in what SS asks for because they really don't ask for much) and other pertinent information. Also get a doctor or two to write a letter explaining why they feel you are disabled. We also got our congressman involved in helping follow through on the case. He was approved the second time without every involving an attorney.

    I know states handle SS applications differently. My friend works for SS in California and I live in Michigan. Hopefully I will hear on mine soon. I will let you know the outcome.

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    Thank youf or your input. It looks like in person is the way to go.

    Bluerose, the post you referred me to is in my bookmarks. I've referred to it many times. Thank yous o much for the infomration in it.

    I already printed off most of the forms and have them filled out in draft. Right now I'm working on the part I've been putting off for months-getting a ll my miedical records. Luckily I've only been to only a few doctors in the last five years(excluding my old gyno and the dr's I saw because of her malpratice but that is another story and a big box of medical records I'll be happy to give to SS). I just dread the thought of dealing with all those offices. One a day, and hopefully I will have them all soon.

    Once again, thank you all for your responses.