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    I just wanted to address your question regarding age, etc. when applying for SSDI. BTW, congrats, Dara!

    I applied for SSDI the first time when I was 27 due to
    a back injury. I didn't have FMS at that time. I wasn't
    able to do anything at all. I was rejected SSDI,
    even though the letter stated that I couldn't "sit, stand, walk, bend, reach, lift, etc." They still thought I could
    work because I was young and had a 4 yr college
    education. I was very upset and angry because my
    education and youth did nothing to alleviate the pain and numbness and total disability. I went on for
    two years with chronic pain and finally had surgery,
    which didn't help. I got a lawyer and reapplied and I got it. I don't know if it was the failed surgery or the
    lawyer ( and I did ALL the work) that won it for me.
    I hadn't worked for three years when they finally gave it to me - retroactive three years though.

    I guess I just wanted to let you know that age and education seems to be a deterrant to them. I have now been on it for 12 years and get checked periodically.
    They are really hard to get though to, though, in my opinion. I wasn't even applying for it for FMS - I had drs statements and tons of tests backing me up and it didn't even matter to them. I am not trying to dissuade you in any way, just wanted to let you know that you have to be prepared for rejections and ridiculous reasoning on their part! My chiropractor told me if I had
    a psychiatric problem that I would have gotten it immediately. That does seem to be the case. I think people should play up the depression angle, but only as a direct effect of the FMS, not that depression is your reason for applying.

    Hope this helps.