SSDI attorney in NW Chicago Burbs?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Andrea4, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. Andrea4

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    I am getting ready to take the leap to apply for disability. Can anyone recommend a disability attorney in the NW burbs of Chicago? Like Arlington Hts, Palatine, Schaumburg...those areas.

    I am scared to death!
  2. Andrea4

    Andrea4 New Member

  3. 69mach1

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    and after you get denied iw ususally when an attorney will take your case...

  4. victoria

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    to get an attorney right away - sometimes this is of a huge help if s/he is a good one, it will be worth the $$ -

    but if you are good at getting all your records in order, you probably should try first, and follow the directions to have others who know you in real life - relatives, friends, co-workers, neighbors - to write about how they've seen you change. Also if you can get your doctor(s) to write a letter as to why you should be disabled, this is also an huge help.

    If you are depressed at all, make sure that is a part of your record - for some reason it seems to be easier for people to get disabled for depression or other mental health reasons even if they're a paraplegic.

    If you do a search on the internet, you can find a lot of info about how to put things in order...

    I am in the process right now of filing for my son, 18 yo with chronic lyme... don't have the names of sites at my fingertips, but if you google appropriate words, there is a wealth of info - also check the search box up above on this site.

    Hope this helps -
    a former Illinoisian
    (from Northbrook) -


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