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    I have seen it stated many times on the board that people are given SSDI on the basis of alcoholism. I just wanted to let people know that this is NOT true.

    Below is from the FAQ on the NOSSCR (National Organization for Social Security Claimants' Representatives)Website:

    "40. Can alcoholics and drug addicts really get Social Security disability benefits?

    Not anymore. There never were all that many people getting Social Security disability benefits on account of alcoholism or drug addiction, but Congress has now prohibited Social Security from paying disability benefits on the basis of alcoholism or drug addiction. However, alcoholics and drug addicts have heart attacks, get cancer or get sick in other ways just like everyone else. Alcoholics and drug addicts who become disabled apart from their alcoholism or drug addiction can become eligible for Social Security disability benefits. "

    Just an FYI.......

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    when i applied for my DSP (Disability Support Pension) they asked if i was addicted to anything, i truthfully replied that no i wasn't. the woman taking my information said "it'd be easier to get approved if you were"

    i have some problems with alcoholics or addicts getting DSP because they have started their own problems, where as people with this DD (as an example) had no choice in the matter, and are constantly denied. but i do recognise that its a problem and once you've started and are an addict, that you don't have a choice either... its the same as any medical condition. so i'm not sure what i think.

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    Thanks for replying to this post! I appreciate your opinion very much, and basically agree with you.

    I would also have a problem with SSDI benefits being given for Alcoholism or Drug Addiction. And I say that, with mixed feelings, because I am a recovering Drug Addict. My drugs of choice were pot and speed, with a little bit of experimentation with psychedelics in the early 70's. I have been clean since Valentine's Day 1984. I have never had a significan problem with alcohol, simply because this DD (CFS) causes me no have no tolerance for alcohol. It always makes me have increased CFS symptoms, even if I only have one drink.

    And I say I would disagree with SSDI benefits being given for Alcoholism or Drug Addiction, despite the fact that, in retrospect, I know that the biggest reason I used both pot and speed was an attempt to self-medicate the symptoms of CFS, which I had no idea that I had.

    Also, I am addicted to cigarettes. I am coming up on one year smoke free (April 17). This is the third time I have quit smoking. The first time I quit, I stayed smoke free for 13 years, and then picked them up very shortly after beginning to hang out with a smoker. For me, quitting, and staying off, cigarettes has been by far more difficult than quitting the illegal drugs was. Even after all this time, I still get strong cravings, sometimes when I am particularly upset, or sometimes for no apparant reason. I know that I must stay away from smokers, just as I have to stay away from people who use illegal drugs.

    My Mother was an alcoholic for many years, but she was sober for the last 23 years of her life. I witnessed how much she suffered in her disease, and how horrendously difficult it was for her to get and stay sober. She was also a smoker, until 10 years before she died. She died of lung cancer. She also had FMS and hypoglycemia.

    Several years ago, there were studies that showed a genetic predisposition to alcoholism for sons of alcoholic fathers. Of course, no such studies were done on alcoholic women and their children/daughters.

    And, finally, I believe that alcoholism is a disease, with a physical cause, probably something to do with brain chemistry, probably genetic to to some degree. (Just as I believe that Mental Illness is no less a "physical" disease than Diabetes or Cancer or MS or CFS or FMS, or any other illness that is usually referred to as "physical". Just as I believe that there is always a mental or emotional component to almost all physical disease, to one degree or another.

    But having said all this, I still don't believe that anyone should be able to get disability benefits based on any kind of substance abuse.

    But.....I also have mixed feelings about it, for obvious reasons! But the main reason I made this post was to correct the misinformation I had seen about people being given SSDI for substance abuse!

    Again, thanks for replying to my post!

    Peace and Blessings!

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    Believe me! without going into to many details.(because the person I know,I also love and feel like I'm talking behind her back!)But Yes,this person was awarded SSI based on her alcholism only.She had been in and out of rehabs 14 times!!I don't think she gets it anymore,only because she married and her husbands income is too high??(not sure on that one~)
    Maybe things have changed now regarding this.I would hope so.(this case was approved 10 yrs ago!)
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    ....about SSI in this regard. I do understand that SSI is for people who are considered disabled AND indigent. But I have never been clear if the standards for being considered disabled are the same as for SSDI. I had assumed that they are the same, and that one would try for SSI if they had never worked, or if they had, but did not have enough "work quarters" recently paid into the system to qualify for SSDI.

    And, of course, my point in posting about this was that SSDI benefits are NO LONGER being given for alcoholism or illegal drug abuse. I did not know this myself until this year, when I went onto the NOSSCR website and read the FAQ section. Of course, the answer they gave on this question (which I quoted above) does not say how long ago this was stopped.