ssdi can't apply?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by annie1202, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. annie1202

    annie1202 New Member

    I just received my social security statement and found out that I am 2 point shy of qualifying to apply for ssdi.
    I was getting ready to apply, but now why bother.
    I am really discouraged. I told my husband he married a financial time-bomb and apologized.
    Is there anything else out there besides ssdi to help?
    I am going to lose my job at the end of the year. My boss knows that I cannot handle working anymore. He suggested - along with so many other people- that I apply for ssdi.
    I told him yesterday that I don't qualify. I don't think that will help me keep the job - we both know I can't do it anymore.
    What can I do?
    I've thought about selling Mary Kay, or doing something like that, but I'm not sure I can even handle that.
    Anyone have any suggestions? Know of a type of job that works around crappy days and doesn't require anything physically?
    I'm just so frustrated and feeling really worthless.
  2. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    do you make too much money for ssi? it is different than ssd you dont need to work for ssi but you cant have a lot of moneyto get it
  3. celeste1226

    celeste1226 New Member

    have you called ss to see how much longer you have to work to get your 2 points. i think it goes by quarters and you need 10. i think. but call ss and find out. that way if you can hang on a little longer you may be able to qualify.
  4. annie1202

    annie1202 New Member

    I don't make too much money, but I think with ssi they would take my husband's income into consideration. I will check it out, though.
  5. pattyholland

    pattyholland New Member

    Hi annie, I just read your porfile.

    I am from desloge.

    It was nice to see someone that lives that close to me.

    What dr. do you see?

    I have seen Dr. Roberts for years.

    He sent me to a rhemy in Farmington dont like her at all.

    I go to one is st. louis now.

    Sorry you are haveing trouble getting ssd, I appiled and after 2 1/2 years was approved.

    I am 44 have worked most of my life.

    How long have you been working?

    I am here for you when ever you need someone to talk to.

  6. annie1202

    annie1202 New Member

    Nice to know someone close, too.

    I was seeing Dr. Sumski for my primary care, but he's a real idiot.
    He doesn't believe in FM or CFS. He just thinks I'm a hypocondriact (sp?)
    But according to my chart notes he stated that it was possible that I had FM and CFS and that he was referring me to a rhumy- HA!
    He never referred me, and he talked so rudely and condescendingly that I wanted to do several not so Christian things to him.

    I went to see a Dr. Ince (pronounced injay) in St. Louis - He's a Rhumy and I really liked him. He is with Arthritis Consultants
    I have also switched my primary care to Mercy Internist Specialists in St. Louis and will be seeing a Dr. Hafidh. He comes highly recommended.

    I am 36 and have worked most of my life.
    However, I took off work from 2003-2005 - well, I was actually working, but it was more of a volunteer position.
    And that is what cut into my points.

    You have to have 20 points over the last 10 years.[This Message was Edited on 09/28/2008]
  7. annie1202

    annie1202 New Member

    Well, that leaves me out.
    Not that my husband makes alot of money, but I do think we are a bit above poverty level.
  8. BlueSky555

    BlueSky555 New Member

    Hi annie,

    I'm sorry that you are 2 points shy of applying for ssdi.

    However, surely there is a way you can work around that. (Of course meaning doing the right thing). Please do some research on this.....I think you receive 2 credits per year. If ss goes back 10 years on your work history and you must have 20 credits, then that would be 2 per year, right?

    Anyway, again, please do research on this also; I think you can work up to 9 months and still apply for ssdi. Is there any way you think you can hold up to working 1 more year? I know; this sounds crazy but if you could work a little longer and apply for ssdi, in some way, (my brain stopped working), you would only have to work @ 9 months, give or take a little?

    If this doesn't make sense, please delete it, lol. I'm not sure I'm saying what I really want to say.

    Either way, please don't give up; you have too much work time invested.

  9. pattyholland

    pattyholland New Member

    Hi annie,

    I agree with bluesky, dont give up.

    Have you every heard of accenct (sp), it is in farmington.

    You just sit there and answer phones, It has something to do with helping people that call in about thier cell phone.

    Not sure how bad off you are, because I know I couldnt even do a job like that.

    To much pain and brain fog big time.

    Not sure if this will help you are not.

  10. pattyholland

    pattyholland New Member

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