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    In today's mail I received my first denial for SSDI. The funny part of it all is that they say in their letter that they will assume I received the letter within five days of the date on the letter unless I can prove otherwise. The letter was dated December 19. It was postmarked Dec. 26. OOPS! Why do these things always come on Friday night when I can do nothing about them until Monday?

    I'm still waiting for the state retirement system to send me the copy of my files I requested two weeks ago after I received their denial for disability retirement. When I called about that this week I got voice mail indicating that the woman was out of the office until next week. Interesting how for them the clock started running from the day they mailed their letter, not when I received it. Yet they have made no effort to give me the info I have requested.

    I guess Monday will be spent making calls to my two disability attorneys. SSDI attorney did not want to take the retirement case. I've been quite impressed with the firm that is handling it, though.

    Happy New Year! LOL

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    I was sorry to read about your denial. It would be so nice if Social Security would stop playing their games! It seems everyone has to go through all the steps to get to their approval. I am confident you will prevail! Best wishes and remember our prayers are with you!
    Good Luck!
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    First of all they did not consider some info that I thought had been sent to them in plenty of time for consideration. Since it apparently was not there in time that means we have new info for them right off the bat.

    Second, as I read through their report, which had to be taken as a joke because it is so misninformed, I noticed they said I do not have HYPERTENSION. That is funny because I never claimed to have hypertension. They obviously need some reading lessons. My claim said I have Neurally Mediated HYPOTENSION.

    Finally they claim that while I may be unable to do my former work, teaching, I am still able to hold a job. They did not mention who might hire someone who needs to take a nap somewhere between 4 and six hours after waking up. I did mention my need for frequent rest, including a nap in my application.

    So many things in Virginia are still stuck in the 19th century that I think the committee who considered my claim must be made up of the same "good ole boys" who have run our government and refuse to join the modern age!

    Actually, I wonder if they really read my application at all. Perhaps this was someone else's denial and not mine after all!

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    I'm playing the SSDI game and everything you said happened to me. "Not able to do my job (computer programmer), but surely with my education...unable to determine a period of disability..blah..blah..blah". Ignore it and keep going.

    Keep meticulous records. I literally photocopy the envelopes with the postmark dates and save them now. I learned the hard way and it proved vital in getting state disability retirement. I was down to counting days and had to FedEx part of the paperwork to them overnight to insure it was there in time. They really mean it when they give the number of days restrictions and will deny anything over that unless you can prove negligence on their part.

    Oh the FedEx thing is useful in that dating delivery is guaranteed and a signature is required. Post Office works too, and they will allow a P.O. box. FedEx needs a street address which can be a pain.

    Last thing...on state disability careful of the health insurance requirements! My state (WA) only allows you 18 months from end of job to retire on disability in order to receive retiree health care benefits. You have 3 years to request your job back. It's very misleading as you don't want to retire unless you really won't be able to go back to work in 3 years end up missing the health insurance. They won't tell you! There is currently a lawsuit going on here as someone right before me was in the same boat. Hopefully that will cover me as we all know how important health insurance is. Also, I wasn't declared disabled even by my private LTD co. until after the 18 months was up. Read up carefully!!! It can be a Catch 22 beyond belief.

    Good luck,

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    Thanks for the helpful pointers. I already keep the envelopes so I can use them for evidence if needed. I started doing that with my STD when they were giving me a lot of hassles.

    Right now I'm on LTD and on leave of absence from my job. I've already attempted to return and it was not a good thing. My boss is 100% behind me in this and filled out the form from the state for her.

    I can get COBRA coverage for three years, so I have that long before I would completely lose my health insurance. I certainly hope this does not drag out this long with the state. Like I said, I have an attorney helping me with each case now, so I feel like that will be helpful in both situations.