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    I have read for weeks about these apointments and how to deal with the stupidity of the prosess. I didn't drive myself, pretty much rolled out of bed and left. Not that I had the energy to do much else. I have to say that I was totaly suprised! The Dr was direct but never rude.

    My mom-in-law came with me and with the way the office was set up she got to sit right outside the door and could hear everything.Which is good because I didn't remember much.

    of course I do remember that I couldn't do simple math. It was so anoying! I was trying so hard to concentrate and she had nothing in the room to distract me but I couldn't answer anything. She asked how many nickles are in a $1.35 and I sat for what felt like 5 min trying to count on my fingers but couldn't come up with anything. I felt so stupid. I did rmember 1 of the 3 words she asked me to remember.

    I think I had convinced myself before the apt that nothing was going to be wrong. After reading somuch I deep down wanted to belive that it realy is just depression because then maybe it woud all be over.

    The Dr actually told me that My problems are not emotional and are all phyisical and due to my illnesses. Now who knows what she wrote down but it was good to hear that a pych. dosen't belive it is all in my head!

    She let me read the info my Dr sent to SSDI because it wasn't all matching the things I had sent in. He sent the stupidest stuff. and much of it was not true. He had that my last apt with him was in July and that I was rx meds for asma which I didn't go to and have never had. He also had that I am still taking every med he had ever rx for me, which is a long list that I am taking none of. I have tests from the hospital that show that i am not on anything. But what do I do! I know that info can't help.

    I am asuming that because my Dr was so stupid that i will have to go see a SSDI Dr. Does anyone have an idea of how long this all might take? I am just glad the pyc apt went well!!!
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    Mine took 2 years my bother got his in a matter of months my Niece got hers imediatly just no telling about these things.

    I am wondering where you are becasue where I am they always tell you not to bring anybody of coarse I drove my bother for his but I did not go inside.

    Hope yours goes quickly but the longer it takes the more back pay you get no concelation I'm sure 2 years is a long time to waite.

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    As nice as the psych doctor was that SSA sent you to, please remember that he is working for DDS/SSA and what he tells you is NOT what he has to write in his report. In fact, he isn't supposed to tell you anything. I am on an SSD support site and people there were told nice things by the doctors only find out he wrote the opposite in the report to SSA. I think many times they tell you things to get you calmly out of the office, because if they told you truthfully what they would put in the report you would be rioting.

    The doctor I had lied on the report and said he had this conversation with me about how I was fully ready to go back to work and that was a complete fabrication--we never discussed that and no way could I return to work. I was approved for SSD, but never lose sight that the doctors are not paid for by you and don't represent you--they represent DDS/SSA. Some doctors do nothing but DDS/SSA exams and take no private patients at all--it isn't lost on them where their paycheck comes from.