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    contacted lawyers office today and was told that my case was being reviewed. I was sent to ssdi doctor a couple of months ago. how much does his exam weigh on the outcome of me being approved or disapproved?

    My whole world seems to be falling apart. I'm in pain and tired. Just had to get this off my chest.

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    hi paige--sorry they are jerking you around like this at SSA.

    I don't know about your question (i think the doctor's opinion is pretty important though, BUT your own doctor's opin. carries more weight, as a general rule) but just wanted to tell you to Hang in there, surely a decision will come very soon and for as much time as it has taken, hopefully a favorable one.

    Did you use a lawyer? if so, what was their take on the whole situation? You can try to email a question re. SSDI to an online radio show attorney, Jonathan ginsberg, at (i think), maybe he can help you more than i, i am clueless and severely "fogged" at the moment

    Anyway--Hold on--better days ahead, and know that you have friends on here who care!--L
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    Hello! Paige51,,, it took me about 6 wks. to hear something ,after i went to to see the ss.dr`s.and yes it`s very important to se the ss.Dr`s because they determine if you are disable or not ,, how long was your appt.? with the Dr`s?
    my appt. with the ss.Dr`s was about 1 hr.
    take care ,,gmom,,,
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