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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kotomme1, Dec 12, 2006.

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    I have applied for disability in feb 2005 and wad denied in june2005. I then appealed it and was again denied. I now have a lawyer and will eventually have a hearing. I hope that it works out for me. I have not worked since jan 2005. I am in my 20's and hear that age makes a difference as far as whether you get approved or not. I have fibromyalgia,cfs,endometriosis,ibs,interstitial cystitis,tmj and depression. Do you think I have a chance of winning?
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    Your age will not affect your ability to qualify for SSDI. SSA will look at how disabling your symptoms are. They may review your disability status more frequently once you start to receive benefits to see if you've improved enough to go back to work, but that's it.

    It's not unusual to be denied twice and have to appeal again. You certainly do have a good chance of winning. Don't let your age make you think otherwise.

    Hang in there! I know it's a stressful process.
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    I applied in June '05. Denied on OCT '06. I agree age does maTTer wHen applying. I am 29yrs old I am waiTING ON a Hearing.
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    I am 47 and was denied in oct also and have filed an appeal. The denial from SS does state" We considered the medical and other information,YOUR AGE, education, training and work experience in determining how your condition affected your ability to work" So age is considered in the determination.
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    remember when you make your claims to lay it on thick. Let them know what you suffer everyday, and how limited you are. They don;t know you and don't know how you suffer, so don't be humble!

    Also, remarking about not being able to engage in normal youth activities (and list them) may help.

    I enclosed 17 additional pages to my application describing my life, symptoms, etc. I answered VERY lengthy and thorough replies to their questions. Do NOT just fill in the blanks!

    I messed up my work section and was denied. I realized it and am pretty certain I'll get approval this time. I was determined to have a very disabling condition (but because I messed up my work section they decided I was gainfully employed--my fault! Brainfog! I make about 4k a year)

    Starting jan you'll be able to make 900/ month and still receive benefits.

    I'll let everyone know what happens with my appeal. And you should too ^_^

    Good luck to you Kotomme1
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    Age really has nothing to do with one's chances of being granted SSI/SSDI. However, if one suffers from clinical depression (whether primary or secondary) or another mental illness, that can sometimes "help" twisted as that sounds.

    I'm 32 and applied when I was 25. I was, as are most, denied the first time around even though I was told by the SSI worker over the phone that she had never seen such a well written and detailed form! LOL Well, after the "denial," I appealed of course and ended up in front of a judge three years later, a tough judge of all people in my state.

    Like others have said, answer truthfully but in a detailed manner. You'll probably be asked whether you can lift a chair or not. My answer stunned the judge as I said I could probably lift a couple of plastic chairs, but if they were wooden, I'd be in severe pain and unable It's the truth.

    It's good that you have a lawyer as he/she will also be with you at your hearing. Don't lose hope! You'll get it...

    It's a long and arduous process but often very necessary.

    I'm STILL awaiting my LTD (long term disability) as I worked full, right now I'm only getting half...better than nothing, but I'm not giving up on so many year's worth of back pay and what's really my money...

    Hang in there!!

    Keep us posted!

    LB32 (Leeza)
  8. i think age definetly makes a difference because you haven't showed them that you had ,at one time a good work history,It is not fair but true.My hubby got it at 35 and Now I am going to have to try soon I am 41 I know it should be easier for me.It also takes into account what you did before you became ill.I am a waitress and have no other marketable skills.

    I also have good work history at one place for 9 years.But I think once you get an attorney all should go well.good luck! Ruthie
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    I just had my first hearing and I am sure that one of things on the list of things they look at is your age the other is how much you have paid into ssi.

    that will determend if you get ssdi for your earnings or if you get it as a low income thing 2 different ones.

    I think thye took my age into consideration I am 53 and I heard them talking about how old I would be at some point I didn't quite get it but they said 60 so I know they take age into consideration.

    but also other things too
    I had a friend who was diagnose with RA when she was late 2o's early thirties I think she got SSI for that.


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