SSDI Hearing Friday, leaving in a.m.

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  1. Vette

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    Yea!! I don't post often but have let you all know a few weeks back, that I am having my SSDI Hearing in Dallas this Friday. My Mom is having surgery there in the morning so we're going down a day early and stay the night. My Attorney said this Judge, who is going to fly here from another State (Texas was too busy to handle all their own) for it was going to do this via satellite but that has changed, "MAY" give me her decision that day, we'll see. He say's it lookss very good. I'll let you all know how it goes. I've been "down", what my Husband and I call my being very sick, for two months and just starting to feel a little normalcy the past two days, just in time for a little bravery for this Hearing. I filed for it two years ago and applied for Disability over three years back.
    Peace To You ALL!!!
  2. TKE

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    Wishing you luck :).

    Hope your Mom's surgery goes well.

  3. misskoji

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    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    always remember you attorney wouldn't take your case unless they thought you would win..

  5. sisland

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    Will keep my fingers crossed for you!! Remember to look as plain as possible (meaning) not any makeup etc.............s
  6. MamaDove

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    Let us know how it goes...

    Be strong!!!

    My hearing is Monday and I have to say that I wasn't even a bit nervous til I met with my lawyer yesterday...What a nincompoop...

    I was up half the night thinking about "Why I am disabled?"

    Hoping for a favorable conclusion for you~Alicia
  7. Aeronsmom

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    Good Luck today, we'll all be thinking and praying for you.
    Please let us know how things go.

    Love to all, Ann

    PITATOO Member

    Good luck and please keep us informed as to the outcome of your hearing - Bobby