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    Received a call from lawyer, he will not be able to attend the hearing with me, but, is sending his associate. Is this good or bad?, is it time to panic?

    I thought at a hearing you needed an attorney after a denial. Has this ever happened to anyone?

    Please, need some feedback.

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    Initially my attorney told me he wouldn't be at my hearing, as he had another hearing in another city scheduled for the same time. He said one of his associates would attend my hearing. I let him know I was uncomfortable with that since I had never met either of the two potential attorneys he might send... and he rescheduled the other hearing for later in the day so he could be with me.

    Honestly, he didn't do much at the hearing because the judge managed the preceedings and did all of the questioning, and really didn't ask my attorney much. But there are cases where the judge requests the attorney to manage the preceedings, it depends on the judge.

    I would suggest you ask your attorney to tell you about the judge who will be hearing your case. That should decide whether or not it is a good idea to have a different attorney present at the hearing or not. It may not matter at all and it may matter a great deal, again that depends on the way the judge runs his courtroom.

    Also take into account whether the attorney he might send is an experienced attorney and how they personally feel about FM. To me those things matter. I want to know that the person representing me BELIEVES my illness and is going to stand up and fight for me.

    Anyway, good luck. I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing. Like I said it really depends on how the hearing is handled.

    1) judge does all the questioning
    2) your attorney does all the questioning

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    Thanks. He did say that another case was scheduled for the same day as mines about 150 miles away.

    I will get to meet his assistant next week. And he did say (he) , my attorney would be asking me all the questions.

    I will make a list of questions to ask them. i really need to win my case.