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    i just got notice of my hearing for july 13 2009.I'm a 43 year old male with fibromyalgia.I also have bilateral knee athritis and my ortho says i 'm too young to have knee replacement.I also suffer from disc degenerative disease and severe spondolosis.I did a sleep study and they say i have moderate sleep apnea.I also have keratatis herpetic to my right eye with multiple scars.I take lyrica cymbalta and now sevilla.I also take medication for my irritable bowel syndrome.My family doctor was the one to suggest to apply for ssdi so i have his support.Also my rhematologist confirmed my fibromyalgia with 18 out of 18 pressure point.But for some reason i m still skeptical.I have not worked since jannuary 2006.I know social security has played games with me because they only requested my medical records from my doctor on may 19 2009.I dont know about this .I do have a lawyer
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    Your lawyer is (or should be) your best source of information.

    But I want to say that you can have 25 or more diagnoses, and that may well not satisfy the criteria for SSDI. What matters is how and to what degree your conditions, alone or taken together, make it impossible for you to work. You have to prove, through medical documentation and your responses to whatever the ALJ may ask you, that you are incapable of meaningful sustained employment. So get your ducks in a row, work with your attorney, and hope.

    I don't know when you applied but three years is not a long time as these things (SSDI claims) go.