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  1. lynncats

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    Hello all. Can anyone give me an idea of what to expect at my hearing in April. Questions, I may be asked, etc. Thank you.

  2. Debra49659

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    The judge asked questions such as:

    In what way does your disability hamper you from you (previous) being able to perform your duties.

    In what way does your disability affect you in general.

    Describe the symptoms that affects you most.

    What special accommodations would you need if you go back to work.

    Questions like that....

    The judge may ask questions to your attorney and the vocational expert who will be there.

    I think more than the pain, it was the fatigue that got me approved. The vocational expert said there is no job available that would allow me the opportunity to nap for 1 hour late morning and 1 hour in the afternoon.

    Just look your judge in the eyes and answer the questions to the best of your ability, if you get confused just say so....and ask your attorney or the judge to clarify the questions.

    They expect that you will be nervous so don't worry if your hands or voice is shaky.

    If you become upset and cry that's OK too....Most judges realize that you are fighting to validate your illness.

    I'll keep you in my prayers! You will be just fine.
  3. lynncats

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    I just can't wait for this to be over with. I'm a nervous person, when it comes to speaking in public, etc. As for dressing up, that is just not my gig anyway, LOL. Have a good day!! And thanks for thinking of me.


  4. rockgor

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    Never been to a Soc Sec hearing. But a good general rule, is to be specific in
    your answers.

    Instead of saying, "I'm too disabled" in a general sort of way, give examples.

    I can no longer reach above my head so I can't put the dishes away or get stuff
    down from the closet. My back pain is aggravated when I move. I can't turn and
    pick up stuff from the back seat. I can't bend over to pull on my socks. I can't
    pick up my grandson.

    I used to carry stacks of files at the office. A stack weighed an average of 21
    pounds. Now I can't pick up my cat. Fluffy weighs 11 pounds.

    Someone from your attorney's office should do a practice hearing session w/ you,
    so it won't seem so foreign and unfamiliar.

    Good luck.

  5. lynncats

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    Thank you so much. You gave me some very good examples, actually they are all true for me. I just hate being this nervous. Hoping you are having a good day!!!!!