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    Can all of you from MI tell me if you had any luck in MI with your SSDI? What county was it in?

    I am so stressed out about applying. I hate this.

    I have a contract to sign for Allsup and an appointment with an attorney.

    Need advise.

    I printed the SSA-3368-BK form off the SS site but it says right on it that this is not the application. Is there anywhere that I can see the application ahead of time so I can plan what I will say?

    Any advise would be great.


  2. PVLady

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    There is a website called "". My brother studied it before he applied for SSDI and feels it really helped.

    Hopefully you will receive more responses...
  3. mjwarchol

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    I used Allsup and was very happy with them. I won my case at the judicial level on 5/9/08. I oridinally filed 10/05.
    One of the best things you can get is a book called Nolo's Guide to Social Security. You can find it at Amazon. This book will be your bible during the process. It has all of the forms, examples etc. It tells you information on all different things.


    What is SS Disability
    Applying for Disability Beneifts
    Proving You are disabled
    Who decides your claim
    how claims are decided
    how age,education and work experience matter (a great chapter)
    when benefits begin
    reasons you may be denied benefits
    appealing if your claim is denied
    once you are approved
    continuing disability review
    your right to representation

    Then chapters on many different disorders that qualify for disability.

    This will be the best money you ever spent. I paid $29.99. Best of luck to you.

    M J
  4. romalaw

    romalaw Member

    I won my case in Michigan just this past March with the hearing level with the assistance of a lawyer. I started the process in Wayne County and due to a move had my hearing in Lansing.

    I applied in late 2004 and was denied the first time. The hardest part is just sticking with it, fighting through the frustration, anxiety and discouragement.
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