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    Hi Everyone. Just reading some of the boards as I find so much info on here. I love it-it's a great help to me and keeps me aware that there are so many of us out there suffering with this Fibro/CFS & arthritis and all that goes with it I am looking for some advise though.

    I applied for ssdi end of march. I am concerned that my interviewer didn't get all of my info recorded correctly. She said it really don't matter what we put on here that day-but the biggest factor is, of course, Medical REcords. I know that, but I wonder if I should write something and send it to the determination board about how MY DAYS REALLY ARE in real life and how this DD has changed my life and my limitations in life.

    I used to be so full of energy and had no problems going all day long. now I struggle to get out of bed and even take care of myself. I'm grateful my kids are grown--I don't think I could take care of them now. They take care of me!!!!

    Sorry this is so long- good advise comes from here. As u can tell I'm really stressed and would appreciate any help. Thanks for listening. MEVY
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    Welcome here, and just want to say if you applied in March, you're going to have about 1-1/2 years to get it straight!

    Anyhow, please enter SSDI in search option by topic here, and you'll get more than you ever asked for, and more! LOL

    Keep very good records starting NOW, ok? And every time you go to dr. make sure you are not passive, make sure they write down how much pain you have, how tired you are, the brain problems you're having, the stumbling, almost fainting, the inability to do things and how frustrating it is for you.

    Yes, I did keep a daily journal and typed it up for my attorney to send to the Disability Determination Hearing: the judge said it explained the limits of the illness like he had never seen.

    Every drs appt was on there: findings, meds prescribed, date, etc. All tests done.

    Then I always got copies of every visit sent to me, incl. specialized tests reports (MRIs, etc.)

    The best defense is a good offense, so start now being prepared, OK? Don't get'll be turned down twice unless you have other diagnoses that add to your disability and that impact your functionality a lot.

    Good luck with your SSDI. Its a full-time job just following the dictates of Soc. Sec. and their timelines, so get ready to meet them, ok?

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    hi mevy--welcome to our nightmare, lol! Thanks to findmind for your response, it really sums it up, even for us "oldtimers" on here! Remember to get copies of everything, you will need them, devote an entire room to your files! And, this is not long, no need to apologize, most of my "rants" on here are 5X longer than yours, and it helps keep your sanity to get it off of your chest! Good luck, and talk to ya again--L
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    Am I understanding that we need to get our paperwork from our medical providers together for SSDI? I thought they obtained copies of medical records from the physicians themselves?

    I'm learning also as I have applied and denied once but it hasn't been long enough. Of course, I'll look into the website for more information, thanks to you guys.

    Good Luck Mevy!

  5. findmind

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    Yes, you MUST have your own copies of medical records.

    1st, Soc Sec always says they lost them, or your dr. never sent them: then you have to send them registered mail!!!

    2nd, you must know what your records say: sometimes nurses, PAs, techs, and dr. write things down must take the time to send a registered letter to the drs office correcting the wrongly stated records.

    Also, every statement you make should reflect what is already on the record: if you have them, that is much easier.

    Trust no one to look out for your interests, even a SSDI attorney: they will have only what they too have recieved from their requests;these may not be complete!

    My atty did not speak FOR me; in fact, when the judge asked me a question, I felt it was very important I try to answer. Same with vocational representative and psychiatrist there.

    Your job now is to organize and keep valid records that are vital for your future. I know you are tired, but this is your "job" now, ok....put some time aside each week to make sure all your papers are in order and easy to find.

    Best to you all...

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