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    I'm looking for an SSDI lawyer in area around Chicago--actually Lake County? Mundelein, Illinois area. A friend of mine there can't even leave her house and needs help. I'm in CA and trying to do what I can long-distance. If any of you guys are in that area and know a good lawyer, please let me know!

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    Try using Allsup. They are in Belleville Illinois, but do cases nationally. Charge only if you win and the same amount a lawyer does. They file the paperwork for you, and do everything over the phone. Most of the lawyers I spoke with prior to my case wanted me to file and call them after I was denied. I like the fact that Allsup helps with the paperwork, you know it's done correctly, plus there are many things they are familiar with that you aren't.

    The forms have questions that can be tricky. I filed my case 10/05. I was denied twice and won my case at the judical level 5/9/08. I was awarded back to my first day off of work.

    Another thing that will be very helpful, get the book "Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability". You can find it on Amazon. It will become her bible. It has valuable information in there. It has examples of the forms, plus so much more. Look at my post under the Social Security tab at the top of this site, I listed the chapter titles. If she gets that and goes through it it will help her imensely even before she files.

    Best of luck.

    M J
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