SSDI & Neuro exam & Rhum upcoming

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    Well, the Neurologist exam is done! He concured with the Fibro diag and said to refer me on to Rhumatology. Got the SSI back denied because of hubby income. SSDI says I didn't send the Birth Certificate. Got to dig my second copy out and get it mailed off.

    Had my followup with my Dr. She is real pleased....said I seem like a different person! Of course that was during a time I was staying at my friends for a few days to watch her little girl. She keeps me focused better and works around my moment to moment abilities. Depending on what is getting to me we adjust play to accomodate it like reading if I need to sit. She plays "cat" if I need to put my feet up and i just lay on the couch and brush her hair or even scratch her back! Today she played beautician because I just didn't have much energy. She brushed and combed my hair. She ended up puting a clip on the back and then put her Minnie Mouse headband on from my forehead to the back instead of ear to ear!! I had this stuffed Minnie Mouse over my forehead and she tells me I look like a SKUNK! The it was MY TURN ON HER long hair! I french braided it and told her she had a pigs tail so she changed the game to farmer in the dell! I stayed on the couch and threw hay to the pig! She does a good snort! Felt better by evening so we went out and used binoculars to find the Flicker we had heard drumming all morning!

    So even with Fibro we can let ourselves have fun!

    Got off track I have been refered to the Rhumatologist again and don't have to see my reg Dr for three months (still have to call & report to her for refills though).

    Going to help daughter with wedding invitations addressing tomorrow. Got to get to bed for tonight. Meds taking effect so I better go before I can't get to the room without falling over!