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    I got approved for SSDI December 2007. Back pay (what little I got...(SS screwed me out of 12 months) came in January 2008. First monthly check arrived in February 2008.

    I have an online business where I was selling custom made embroidered items. I would like to cut the prices on the items I have made/ready to ship just to get rid of them & then by the end of this year, or when my state license runs out in April, close my business. I highly doubt I'll make as much or more than SS allows as income. I let them know I had this business when I filed. I filed in Sept 2006, sold a few items in 2007 & was approved for SSDI Dec 2007. Due to 4 surgeries (back, neck & both hands) I basically have just been letting my business sit. I haven't made any changes to my business since. It's highly possible I'll be facing yet another hand surgery in a few weeks. I have not sold any items since I got approved for SSDI.

    My question is: Do I need to call SS & let them know I plan to attempt to sell off my items?

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