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    hi all,

    so i applied for ssdi. i had a bad attitude going in based on what i've heard about the process, but now they want me to go in for a physical exam AND a psych exam. this causes me great anxiety and i'm trying to understand the nature of it. does anyone else feel like they are not disabled but still cannot work full-time?? for instance, i took the GRE last week for admittance to grad school and performed above average so there's no way i'm going to fail a psych exam that tests my cognitive abilities, right? i just feel like i'm being unfairly judged.

    when i received my denial letter for SSI, they mentioned i might be eligible for medicaid however when i looked into this, i found out i need to be one step away from a nursing home to receive this kind of help. i know it's the worst thing i can do, but i'm totally thinking of ditching this whole claim. am i over-reacting?? i hate the idea of someone making an assessment of my health in 5 minutes when i've been wrestling with this demon illness for the last 2 years of my life.

    just venting a bit here but would love to know i'm not the only one stuck somewhere in the middle, not society's idea of "disabled" but still suffering.

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    i just applied, too, & my attorney suggested I do a memory & functon test. I took it in Aug & I'm still awaiting the results. Seems things have to be written up just right...

    At least I haven't gotten the bill yet...

    It's a trip to take these tests, isn't it?
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    Hi, these tests are given in a quiet room, in real life this is not true,,there are always interruptions! What makes any of these tests valid?
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    I had the psyche tests done also, but my attorney asked the judge to go by my medical history which was consistently recorded over the years and that was one of the things that got me approved just this week for ssdi. Of course I'd had a head injury also, and it was also noted that it was not one thing alone which got me approved, but rather the accumulation of all my disabilities put together.

    Just whatever you do, don't give up. I didn't even show up for my hearing because I'd decided on my own that it wasn't worth it and I'd never get it approved. Then my attorney called to tell me they rescheduled it so it was then that I decided to just go ahead with it.
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    Eddie, going through the SSDI process is not a picnic. As unfair and at times inhumane as it seems, it is the only process we have for getting SSDI. At every turn there is another hurdle to jump, another insult to the injury.

    By the way, congrats on your GRE exam success! However, a GRE exam and a psych evaluation are two different animals.

    The whole notion of a psych eval put me into a total episode. I didn't want to let my guard down, I didn't want to talk about my current family life or my childhood. I felt I would be humiliated because of my impacted cognitive function. I was very anxious, and in all honesty, it was one of my most difficult days since becoming ill.

    The psychologist, it turned out, was very nice, and sensitive. In the end, she diagnosed me with Depression, Adjustment Disorder. This was the key that got me the SSD award. Not the CFIDS DX.

    I know it's tough, it's emotional, our lives have been turned upside-down. If you want the SSD, if you think you may ever need the SSD, I do suggest that you go through with the physical and psych evals. Take a deep breath, and let it out!

    Best wishes always,