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  1. crow61

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    I have been on SSDI for 12 years due to fibro. I am eligible for early retirement thru my employer of 34years. Does anyone know if I take my private pension would that reduce my SSDI benefit in any way. I have read that it does not and have not called the ss office.
  2. mbofov

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    Your private pension should not affect your SSDI benefits in any way. I receive part of my ex-husband's pension (early retirement) and SSDI and the SSDI was not affected when the pension started.

    SSDI benefits are basically social security, unlike SSI. SSDI converts into straight social security I think when you reach age 65. The benefits remain the same, they're just called SS then instead of SSDI. And pensions don't affect the amount of social security you receive.

  3. ME/CFS/Fibro9yrs

    ME/CFS/Fibro9yrs New Member

    Hi, I have been fighting for my SSDI since I had to stop working in 2008. I have had one hearing in 2010 and a few appeals all denied. I am having a difficult time finding a supporting doctor. I have been living on state disability since Nov 2008 and have Medicaid. Some doctors will not accept medicaid. How did you win SSDI and how long did it take you. How many appeals did you have to file before you won? I have an attorney/advocate. They are my thrid ones to take my case.
    Can you help me with amy info please. I am getting desperate. If they do not win for me soon, I will also loose my state disability. They only allow me cash assitance as long as i have an open appeal with SS.
    If that all goes under i do not know what i will do.
    Thank you for your time
  4. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    It would probably be a good idea to do a separate post with a new heading asking for help re getting SSDI and appeals. I think you would get more help that way.

    I was lucky, I only had to file one appeal.

    I initially filed, just stating I had CFS, and was denied. On appeal my doctor added a diagnosis of PTSD (based on other criteria) and my appeal was granted. I never did find out why I won, but strongly suspect it was the PTSD diagnosis.

    It can be very difficult to find a doctor who will support you. You might go to, it has a list of integrative medicine doctors throughout the nation and I have found these are almost hte only doctors who know anything about CFS or FM. Unforetunately I'm sure most probably won't take Medicaid, though you never know. But it might be worth it to pay out-of-pocket to someone who will support your claim.

    Wish I had better advice, but do try a separate post about your specific problem.

  5. jole

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    when I turned 65. Actually, I was dropped from disability and put on straight SS. My SS is approximately $130/month less than my disability amount. I was on disability for 9 years (and it was much less than the average), so to have the decrease is hard for me.
  6. harrysmom

    harrysmom Member

    The private pension will not affect your SSDI benefit and once you reach 65 the SSDI just becomes your Social Security payment every month. I've had both since 2000. I turned 65 five years ago and all it does is what I just described. Hope this helps.
  7. harrysmom

    harrysmom Member

    That's strange, jole. All that should have happened is the funds have a different labeling...SS instead of SSDI. That didn't happen to me when I turned 65 five years ago and I had both SSDI and a private pension since 1997.
  8. harrysmom

    harrysmom Member

    Sorry you're having so much trouble. All I can tell you is from my own experience. I have had CFS for 16 years and was a teacher before that.

    I filled out the SSDI paperwork by myself the first time and submitted it. It was not approved. So, I got a lawyer recommended to me by a neighbor who belongs to a local CFS support group and used him. His office filed the paperwork for me, we had a hearing, and I was approved. It took several months for all this to transpire, but the money I got included a retroactive lump sum going back to when the doctor said I was disabled. The disability lawyer doesn't take a fee unless you are approved and then it's about a quarter of the lump sum. I was told by almost everyone at the time that I needed a lawyer to get an approval on the disability and it seems that was true. I believe that's what you will need to do. The government deliberately makes it confusing and redundant and long-winded to file on your own because they want you to give up and go away. Don't give up. Get the lawyer started on your case as soon as you can.

  9. ME/CFS/Fibro9yrs

    ME/CFS/Fibro9yrs New Member

    First case filed in 2008 had a hearing was denied...SS said I had insufficient unsupportive doctors, even though I had one PA that said I was disabled and unable to work, SS would not use the word of a PA. SS had sent me to one of their drs and theirs said otherwise after a very short physical. Next thing I know I get this letter from SS saying I should be able to resume my old job as Front desk clerk. Their data of the duties of that job must be from the 60's because now that job has to do more than sit and answer phones and hand the room keys over the desk. They do laundry, mop floors, vacuum, clean the lobby restrooms, set up and break down the breakfast for the guests. I've been there and it just about killed me. I had to stop doing it in 2007.
    Then my attorney/advocate appealed and that was denied.
    Another case was filed in 2010 and denied right away and there was an appeal, now we are awaiting for the hearing stage.
    I have been diagnosed with all the stuff, ME/CFS/Fibro/Chronic Migraines/PTSD(the most recent dr asked me if I had ever been abused and I told her that I was in an abusive relationship from 1991-2006. Apparantly there is a lot of compelling evidence that PTSD and Fibro are linked. All of this and SS just keeps kicking me the curb.
    Not to mention all of the scary meds the drs have had me try over the last 7 yrs. With my low tolerance to them I have falied most of them except my migraine preventatives that I take daily. They help keep the migraines down to between 8 and 10 a month where before i was getting them every day.
    Now this new dr she wants me to try Paxil but i am really wary due to the scary stuff i have heard about it. Don't think I will take it.
    Already trying Nuerontin. Not crazy about that one either. Have to try something tho.
    Thanks for your reply.
  10. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    According to the SS website, nothing should change when you reach age 65 - SSDI just converts to plain old SS. See

    So I don't know what happened in your case, but it doesn't sound right. Has social security explained why your benefits were cut?
  11. harrysmom

    harrysmom Member

    Your letter points out one very important detail that can make or break it for you sometimes in getting approved for SSDI and that is need a doctor who will do a bang-up, detailed write up for you and it is better if it is a rheumatologist or another specialist and a psychiatrist or pharmopsychologist that Social Security sent me to to be evalutated was helpful in documenting my panic attacks and anxiety disorder made a million times worse after I came down with CFS. I think maybe your problem is not enough detailed documentation.

    I will share this with you....and I'm not proud of being so unstable at the time, but during the first years I was sick with CFS all I did was cry and couldn't respond to questions without going to pieces...I was an emotional wreck. So, at the hearing with the judge, all I did was cry and it was before I realized I needed a wheelchair to go into large buildings or walk far so I was shaky and feeling lightheaded and strange as well as crying...I was a mess. I'm not sure if that convinced the judge that I couldn't go back and teach any more, and I certainly wasn't acting, but it might have been something that helped him decide I truly had a problem. Don't pretend around the officials. Let them see how sick you really are. Sometimes we try to act "normal" and push ourselves and I don't think it's to our advantage. People never take us seriously if we always seem to be able to rally and rise to the occasion.

    Oh ya, by the way, I know this isn't a political forum or anything, but all you folks out there who truly need the help we get from the government....we're all part of the 47% Romney says mooch from the government, even though we've worked hard, paid taxes, and contributed to this country in myriad ways ....he calls this Entitlement. And he'd like to cut back or abolish a lot of this. How does that sound? I know most of us would be out on the street without SSDI or SS.

  12. ME/CFS/Fibro9yrs

    ME/CFS/Fibro9yrs New Member

    I must have had a lousy advocate and a hard case judge the first go around because i was a complete mess. I was in a wheel chair right after completely throwing my lower back out from my left hip down my left leg, and I could not stand up right let alone walk a few steps on my own. I was not able to go to the bathroom without severe pain. It was at that time my doctor ordered a shower stall seat and a wall bar for me and the jusdge had all the documents from my doctor saying I was unfit to wrok. I also had my right arm in a sling from a recent operation on my right elbow, I was depressed, and was having a hard time concentrating on the questions he was asking me, to this day I do not remember wht he asked me. There was some other lady there my advocate said was there to observe and ask questions if needed about my past work. She never said a word. When we were done and leaving all i remember is my adv. telling me she thought it qwent very well, that there was no chcane of my being able to return to any of my old occupationsand she said she thought I had a good cahnce of winning.
    Next thing i know I get a letter from SS saying that they denied me and my advocate does not want to continue represetnaing me. I had to find another attorney, and I am on my thrid one now. This is just a bunch of garbage. First one was a free state advocate, second one from Allsup(no good) now I have Binder and Binder, but they are way over in NY and I am in Michigan. But i didn't know what else to do. They took me on for free only get paid if they win.
    Seeing another doc Oct 8. I am going in loaded with quetions and jut going to come right out and ask him if he will write up a supportive eval based on what the other docs have said and the PA I have been seeing for the past yera which works under him, and what he finds during our visit.
    I need this or i will loose my state disability too. That is their terms for state assistance. I have to have an appeal pendins with SS to get asst at the state level.
    Hey thanks for all your time here. I really need someone that will actually listen. haven't had that. It is frustratinf, gets my stress level all out of whack.
  13. harrysmom

    harrysmom Member

    I don't know what to say, other than I am really sorry you have had to go through all this. I can't believe after everything you've described that you still haven't gotten approved for SSDI. Don't give up. I hope these new attorneys know what they're doing and can get this settled for you.


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