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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Time4aNap, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. Time4aNap

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    I am in the process of filing for SSDI and just received a request to visit "their" doctor for a bone and joint exam as well as a mental exam. I cited chronic pain and fatigue as my primary reason for disability and I submitted 8 years of medical records from 4 different docs that I believe back up my claim. Should I refuse to see their docs? I can't imagine that they'll find anything wrong with my bones and joints since it is muscle pain that is my problem. And what can a mental exan possibly tell them that I haven't already, maybe that I'm not a total nut case thus reducing the likelihood of my receiving benefits? Any comments would be appreciated.

  2. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    You have to see their docs. I think they would probably throw your application out if you refused. For me and many others, the exam by SS docs was a waste of time, but you gotta do it.

    I was denied the first time, but won on appeal. I wouldn't worry about the SS exams, nor expect much from them either. Just grit your teeth and go.

  3. lana33

    lana33 New Member

    I had about the same amount of medical records that you have and gave it to them. They had me see 3 of their docs on different occasions. I was approved the first time. I felt my records spoke for themselves but from being on this site I realize it just depends on who takes care of your claim and a lot of factors as to if you get approved.

    I have a friend that said when they are sending you to their docs, they hope to disprove something. Because my visits were pertaining to stuff I had already in my medical records, test results and everything.

    Don't be nervous about it. You have as good a chance as anyone else that will get approved.

  4. minkeygirl

    minkeygirl New Member

    In addition to what the others said (my medical records are worthless) Social Security now recognizes CFS as a legitimate disease but many judges are unaware. Get the policy info, there is a number including the fukuda criteria and take with.

    I was denied my first time out and won on appeal because i brought someone i used to work with.

    Also, when seeing their doc, bring a friend as witness and tape record the session.

    Good luck
  5. zerped

    zerped New Member're not out to prove you're sick, you're out to prove you're unable to work. No matter what disease you prove to them you have, they are going to want to know how that disease makes it impossible for you to work.

    The materials I received for my neurology exam and psych evaluation said that if I did not show up to be examined, my claim ends right there and I go back to Square One. If you file a claim to an insurance company that your car has been totalled in an accident, you wouldn't be surprised or offended if they sent an adjuster to check it out for themselves, right? They just need one of their people to see it too.

  6. bpmwriter

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    but you have to go. the DO i saw for my physical exam admitted to me that she was mostly there to make sure i was a real person and not a scam, so who knows how much their opinion really matters? she also mentioned that selenium and manganese cures fibromyalgia, right!, so don't expect the docs to be too knowledgeable about your condition.

  7. Scarlett65

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    Please be careful with this. When I had my first SS examination by one of their docs, they sent me to a building with a half spiral staircase to get to the docs office. when I told him I would be in tremendous pain if I climbed those stairs I was told that his office was there and I was to climb the stairs. By the time I crawled up the stairs I was in tears. I think SS does this to see if you can indeed climb the stairs despite the fact I told them I had horrific pain doing this. This was a Psychiatrist by the way so even if I did climb the stairs with no problem who was he to determine if I truly had a problem.
    The next appointment was with an orthopedic doctor to determine my ability to work, they said. The doctor calls me to verify my appointment telling me that I was to come to my appointment alone and sit in my car while she came out to the car to examine me. What? The drive was 2 1/2 hours away and I am totally unable to walk after that length of time sitting plus it was in a city I had never been too and I dont go anywhere alone especially somewhere I have never been and no one is getting into my car that I do not know. I raised a little H _ _ _ and they gave me another appointment in another city in their office with my husband present. It all seemed scary and very seedy to me.
    I dont get it why can they do this? It seems to be illegal to demand a disabled person do what they tell you is their disability. To tell me I had to climb those stairs knowing it would cause me severe pain is just incomprehensible. And that second doctor well I dont even know what to say about her. I never told them in my application that I was stupid and really resent them asking me to put my position in danger letting a stranger in my car, not letting my husband accompany me, etc.
    So watch out for any statements on your appointment form stating that if you have any disabilities to contact the doctors office to make sure they can accomodate your needs. Call the doctors office to make sure they arent asking you to do something that goes against your health.
  8. Time4aNap

    Time4aNap New Member

    Thanks a lot for all the replies. I think this might be a good time for me to consult with a disability attorney. I'll keep you all posted.

  9. fpicklebaby

    fpicklebaby New Member

    I believe that you have the right to refuse to see thier docs; however, you must arrange for A DOCTOR to perform the exam. There is a SSDI brochure that outlines this right along with others.

    I have read one post where someone said she asked the SSDI Doctor what insurances he accepted and whether she could see him regularly for help with her condition and he admitted he wasn't a Doctor, but someone who does the exams for SSDI. If you go through the SSDI exam, you might want to make it a point to find out what area of Medicine he/she is licensed in, as it might be arguable during a hearing that the SSDI examiner's report cannot stand up in court, simply due to the examiner's lack of expertise - If, that is what you end up feeling ultimately.

    Keep in mind that there are very few Doctors who really know how to treat our condition. It took me a year to find someone to help me. Prior to that, I was abused every which way and the climate actually contributed to my demise as all I wanted was to get better. I suggest that you retain Binder and Binder for your hearing as its always better to go represented and they know what they need to do in order to help you secure your benefits. IN fact, they will not take your case unless they think you have a shot. They do take a percentage of your back award; however, it is well worth it because our condition does not fall into the (*Fibro Fog Moment*) category of illnesses that SSA outlines as "legitimate" disabilities. Just be sure that all your tests show you have worked towards ruling out as our condition is a RX of EXCLUSION....oh, you know the story. Just make sure you have documentation and a doctor who supports you. More than anything, the Judge will take the testimony of Specialists over the SSDI examiner, provided that your Doctor says..."You cannot work" and has worked towards proving the reasons why.

    Good luck to you....I hate this illness and wish it would all go away; however, I thank God I'm here because when it first started, I did think of killing myself because not one Doctor helped me - the pain was relentless, the sleep was rare and the money was non-existent. I feared becomming homeless and I have an 8 year old son. Thank God I stuck it out. Single Parent here, RX'd in 03 (?)...
    Good Luck to you.

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