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    Should I have my doctor fill out the "medical source statement" and attach it to my application for SSDI or should I wait for them to send it to him?

    He wrote a great letter that I will attach but don't know what to do about the "medical source statement".

    Hate to sound so stupid about this but filing for SSDI has got me all stressed out.

    I hope someone can help me. Don't want to screw anything up.


  2. hopeful4

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    Applying for SSDI can sure be nerve-wracking. I don't really remember about this statement. You can call your local Social Security office and ask someome what the proper procedure is.

    Is this your initial application? Have you tried contacting an attorney who specializes in SSD? They will usually tell you to go ahead and apply, then, if you are denied to contact them for an appeal. That's how I won my case, with an attorney.

    I found this website very helpful:
    He is an SSD attorney, and his website is full of articles that can help you win your case.

    Hang in there, the whole process is meant to discourage you. Don't give up.

    Best wishes,
  3. kitteejo

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    I have not done the initial app yet but have been trying to fill out all the forms I found at Disinissues, scott davis and other web sites. I have an appointment with an attorney this week but since I haven't met him yet I don't have the confidence in him to do it correctly. Control freak I guess. I was going to hand the attorney (if I like him) everything I've completed. My doctor pick him, I didn't, so I want to be cooperative. Would rather of used ALLSUP.

    I read everywhere to be in-control of your application and not to rely on your doctor or attorney.

    Thanks for the advise,

  4. buttercakes

    buttercakes New Member

    I know how you feel, I fieled for ssdi just about an hour ago, but I am going through Allsup. I flair up so bad when im stressed, so I chose to use them to reduce the amount of stress this will put on me. Fieling with them was a verrrry easy process. I hope yours comes out good. Sandie
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