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  1. kitteejo

    kitteejo Member

    For all of you that have gone through this;

    At what point of the SSDI process do you contact your congressman and senator?

    I went in to apply and handed then a completed SSA-3368 form. He used this information to type in my application. I'm not sure if I'm at step one or step two because I did that.

    Should I call my congressman and senator now or wait until I hear something first from SS.


  2. hurt_allover

    hurt_allover New Member

    Bumping for Kitteejo.

    sorry I have no clue myself..standing here scratching head ..may be someone will have an answer for you

  3. kitteejo

    kitteejo Member

    I just received the Function Report from SS. Is it time for me to call them now???

    Someone please help!!!

  4. MDS114

    MDS114 New Member

    You can always call your local congressmans office. Tell them what is going on...and they can tell you whether they can push things forward. I have heard you usually have to be in dire need...foreclosure, on the street, etc...for the congressman to contact SS & get your case pushed forward. Good luck & don't give up:)
  5. kitteejo

    kitteejo Member

    Thanks for your input. What you say sure does make since to me. I think I'll wait.

    I am trying very hard to not get stressed out over this whole thing, which is difficult. I have ten days to fill out the Function report so that is how I'm going to spend my day. I've already started it but it needs work. Strange it came stapled and in big letters it states "DO NOT REMOVE STAPLE". That makes it hard to write and it's going to be really hard to copy but I'll do my best.

    Thanks to all that answered.


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