SSDI Reconsideration - Not Appeal???

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    I am in Tucson, AZ. I received my 1st SSDI denial letter last week. I called Attys today to set an appt for a consultation & spoke w/a very nice paralegal who informed me that I can file a 'Reconsideration Request' w/SSI & then if THAT gets denied I should hire an Atty. Are any of you familiar w/this? Have any of you done this instead of requesting a formal hearing right away? It made sense to me & I did find & print the form from the SSA.Gov website - just wanted to know if there was any advice before I mail it in?
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    This is normally the way things work I think. I am on my second time around with SS Disability and with the first one that is what I did. Went with the reconsideration then the hearing. I hope this helps and I just assumed that that was the way it worked and didn't actually know you could request a hearing before the reconsideration.
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    I am in Tucson Az. too! Small world isn't it. After I got my first denial I went ahead and got a lawyer whose name I found on congressman Kolbe's site. He seems to be a pretty good one, his name is Paul Verette. I was really surprised when I went to see him for the first time cause he is in a wheelchair. I think that he is going to do a good job for me.
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    Just a bit of advice to you about printing up forms from SS website: These forms usually have carbon copies when you get them from your local ss office. When you get them online you only get one and not the carbons. I made this mistake when I filed for a hearing and although they accepted the date that I turned in the request, it was also considered incomplete and they sent me their forms to fill out. To make a long story short, my completed paperwork sat on someones desk for almost a year and were never forwarded to the office of hearings. Had I used the forms from the office instead of printing from their website, my request would have been treated normally. Instead it was incomplete and they didn't pay any attention to when it was completed. I hope this helps.
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    hey another lawyer-I called one and they said call when I get turned down-I called another one and he helped me with all the paperwork and told me what to write, etc. if I get accepted then my lawyer gets his 25% of the cut-they get that whether its at the beginning or after the deniel. I also downloaded the form from the internet and sent that in-they still sent me another longer form. what my lawyer did was make friends over the phone with one of the girls at ssi office and they just corresponded just with each other and she helped us and we had her to send the stuff to..
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    Appreciate all the responses-once again you all have come through for me!