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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mymichelina, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. mymichelina

    mymichelina New Member

    Has anyone here experienced one? If so how long after first approval? And what is the proedure? Forms? Or in person?

    Thanks to everyone in advance!!
  2. mymichelina

    mymichelina New Member

  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'm not clear at to what point you are in the procedure
    if indeed you have started? If so, have you rec. your
    "standard" First written denial?

    Joe aka MRDAD
  4. mymichelina

    mymichelina New Member

    I am not being reviewed. I was just curious what happens when the time comes.I bet it is different for each state.

    Thanks so much for replying!
  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'm in San Francisco "Kaliphonia" ( as Arnold says) and
    it can be a very long process at times. It does depend
    a lot it seems on what State one lives in. California
    seems much better than many. Have you consulted the
    Gov. website?

    There are many people on the Board who can be of get
    source of help and info., however, it is getting very late
    in many parts of the Country but leave or bump up the post
    tomorrow for better results, "K"?

    I'll be "on Board" for a bit longer if I can be of more
    help Michel.

  6. mymichelina

    mymichelina New Member

    I can relax about my 3 years comin up in December. Too much to deal with. And Mr. Dad, your Awnold imitation is very good!

    Everyone hugzzz...and remember only one more day/night of all of these political phone calls I have been getting like crazy. And I have an unlisted number!

    buh bye

    FOYBOYFOY New Member

    i spent several hours yesterday checking into this. i filled out a form and they are suppose to call me today. also the website has 60 frequent asked questions(it awesome) binder & binder
  8. beeleaf

    beeleaf New Member

    I just had my first review a few months ago. (I'm a 5-7 year) You know, I think I started worrying about the review about a week after being approved. ;~) What a waste of time.

    The review was extremely simple. I had been worried about them taking away benefits because my breathing was a bit better. But that's not what the form asked. It asks about your general health since xx (specific date). Have you worked or gone to school, last few dr's appointments, surgeries or hospitalizations. Think there were about 6 questions total.

    Got a pretty quick reply. No problem.
  9. zerosb3

    zerosb3 New Member

    It has been 7 years since I was approved, and I got one of the short forms in the mail. I filled it out and sent it back in, but I'm still worried silly. Hope it doesn't take too long to get an answer. I think the letter said it could take up to 90 days, but I hope it will be sooner than that!

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