ssdi set appt. for mental evaluation?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by texasrose204, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. texasrose204

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    Was wondering if anyone has had ssdi request you have a mental evaluation? My dx along with FM, lupus is depression. They said that they want that accessed? Most of would be depressed out life has changed so drastically so what is with the eval? Just would like to hear from someone that has gone through this! Thanks in advance for any input! Hope ya'll have a good day!
  2. kking0412

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    but they were going after the cognative stuff. did not even ask about my state of mind! (depressed, according to the shrink I saw yesterday)
  3. marti_zavala

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    can you see if they will send you to a neuropsychologist. They were able to document some neurolgical problems I was having - since I couldn't get to a neurologist.

    So, along with IQ and personality testing and lots of cognitive stuff, they tested me with these various gadgets and hand grip test and I failed.

    We didn't really talk about depression.

    I think that helped me.


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    Yes I did this, basically the doctor wanted to know if my depression was primary, or secondary. They really want secondary, to hear that if you have depression that it's because of your illness. She asked me, if you were healthy what would you do? I gave her a list so she told me that i'm not ill because of depression.

    She also gave me the cogniative tests.