SSDI - Someone wrote asking me the benefit amount??

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  1. TerriM

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    I am just getting ready to apply and I haven't found the benefit amount . . . someone else here wrote asking me. Can someone tell us what the benefit amount is? Is it always the same or is it based on your previous income/work etc? I would imagine it is one amount, but am not sure . . . Thanks!!!! Love, Terri
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    Which can be low if salary case of poorly paid mental health workers...
  3. TerriM

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    Thanks for the info. I had a high paying corporate job in Washington, DC before my illness so someday if I get approved maybe it won't be too bad . . . but I know it can take a long time and I haven't been paid in over a year already. Terri
  4. Mikie

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    The benefits are very low, not enough to live on by any stretch of the imagination. Of course, they do allow you to make a whopping $700 or so per month, but if you do, when they review your case in a few years, they will hold that agains you. What a system!

    Love, Mikie
  5. TerriM

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    That is why I am pursuing my LTD benefits also . . . at this point anything is better than the $0 I'm getting now, but I do agree the system is terrible and it is like you are guilty until proven innocent (sick) . . . Terri
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    I don't understand that! LTD is a benefit we pay for through our company in case of emergency. Why would you have to reimburse them from SS money? Not questioning you, just think the system stinks! Why should I bother trying to win a LTD case then???? If the total you get is the same amount either way . . . Terri
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    what my benefit amount would be.

    All you have to do is contact SSA. They have a 1-800 number listed on their website. They have all your info under your Social Security #.

  8. TerriM

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    does getting disability benefits now reduce your retirement social security income? Are the two related or unrelated?? Thanks for all of the great info! Love, Terri
  9. JLH

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    Don't know about your SSDI benefits reducing your SS income when you turn retirement age (I should find out since I am on SSDI, but it will be a while before I need to know - I'm 52 - and rules will probably change by then anyway! LOL).

    Even if you had a high-paying corporate job (I did, too), there is a max benefit that SSDI pays. I think it is around $1275/mo. or somewhere in that area. (I get close to that.) You can still receive your normal retirement pension without any penalty. I do. I took an early retirement from my job at age 48 (I had 30 years service in) because I was not physically able to work any longer.
  10. TerriM

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    Just wanted to clarify my earlier message . . . by no means do I think that I'm going to get a "good salary" even if I do get SSDI. Right now anything is better than the $0 I've gotten for over a year. I made 2/3 of our household income & it was just GONE when I got sick. Then on top of it I have HIGH medical bills . . . none of the drs. on my insurance plan could figure out anything that is wrong with me. The only dr. helping me doesn't take insurance and they pay a tiny fraction back to me. I guess I just meant if it is based on income, mine was fairly high paying and I had a lot of years doing it (plus DC is an expensive area to live in -- mortgages, taxes, insurance are all higher there), so hopefully will help. I had heard before that there is a cap anyway on what is paid out also. Terri
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    If you qualify for SSDI, the amount would be similar to what you would receive if you took the early retirement amount (retiring before age 65). Social Security benefits do increase yearly, so whatever you receive for SSDI would continue to get a cost-of-living increase and it would continue right through retirement age (assuming you are permanently disabled). The maximum amount is higher than someone mentioned...I started last year at 1431 per month, and this year I receive 1451 per month from SSDI.

    As far as the LTD being reduced by the SSDI amount, it is because you should not be making MORE than you would be if you were still able to work. My LTD company allows me to receive 66% of my pay, and since I paid for it myself (through my company) it is not taxable income. This means that I am receiving very close to my original salary. They do have to deduct the SSDI amount and give me the balance, because if they didn't, I'd be getting more than 66% of my salary - tax free.

    I don't know about the qualifications for an ex-spouse, but here's what I know about a deceased spouse benefits: My 55 year old mom applied for SSDI benefits while my dad was alive. At that point, her history only allowed her to receive around 250/mo from SSDI. My 66 year old dad was receiving 1200/mo for retirement benefits. When he died a few months later, she was only allowed a total of whatever his "early" retirement benefits would be - which were a around 900. She could only collect the larger of the two people, so she is now receiving 900/mo from SSDI. This is even though they were living on his 1200 when he was alive. It definitely doesn't seem fair, and she wouldn't be receiving a penny if she weren't disabled. She would have had to wait till retirment age.

    take care,

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  12. Mikie

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    SSDI may pay higher benefits than SSD alone. To qualify for SSDI, one must qualify financially. For SSD, one's financial situation is not supposed to be a factor.

    Love, Mikie