SSDI status update and FRUSTRATION need advice

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by skippy007, Apr 27, 2007.

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    I called for SSDI status on my case - the case worker told me they had enough information to make the decision for the physical part and it appears my disabilities are not enough to make an allowance for disability. HOWEVER, I still have to go to the mental exam and that may provide enough information for my disability to be granted. I asked for a copy of my internist exam reports but because they pay for the exams, the claimant is not entitled to a copy - I guess I could ask my doctor for a copy of what they sent him ??? In the last few months, I have continued to see my family doctor and rheumy. I have been to physical therapy and am now seeing a pain specialist (low back MRI and cervical injection pending) but the case worker was not interested in that information. It appears this will be a decline but I guess it will be on to the appeal process. Any advice going forward after this perceived decline or advice for the mental exam? My rheumy has offered some AD help but I have refused as I want to be all here (mentally) and not out in left field somewhere and do not need anymore weight gain. The only thing I know is that it is this DD that has me down and not my life. However, the frustration of the ongoing pain and lack of physical function and sleep have got me down.
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    Hi, I was told a simalar thing about 6 weeks ago , after my first denial. They sent me to a mental exam a few weeks ago during this reconsideration phase.

    I am holding my breath.

    I will say not to stress over the mental exam. I was so worried about it and it turned out to be the nicest lady that interviewed me and she seemed truly caring.
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    Thanks for replying - I need all the thoughts and info I can get - good luck Cinderbug on yours ! I wish there was some imaging or something that they could look into our bodies and see the pain - I would be first in line and a guinea pig if they needed one - so frustrating!
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    YOU need good support letters from your doctors, the ones the ssi sends you to will do everything to make you sound fine. I had a lawyer, the biggest factor were good letters from my doctors. Keep trying it took me two years, i had denials the first two times, then the judge approved it. it helped to have a lawyer, she said if ihad the wrong judge she would resubmit befor the first selected judge could try it because if he denied it the appeal is longer, the lawyer know the judges in your area, i felt it help because she knew which judges were safe to present the case too, and what they like to see. hang in ther, do not let those ssi doc get you down, they make you feel as low as they can, it is what your doctors write thats important. GOOD LUCK
  5. Cinderbug

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    froggyfog , in answer to your question....

    The doctor was a PhD for my mental exam. She told right off that she doesn't play the games or do memory tests (which is what I was expecting). She just asked questions about my life from childhood til now.

    She kept it very low tone with nothing upsetting. She then asked me about the CFS and how it affected my life. As I mentioned, she seemed very caring. Oh and she asked my sister who brought me in to write a paper while she waited , telling her how I have changed since this illness.

    I have no idea what she tol S.S. I don't know how much weight her opinion holds. I'm just waiting with my figers crossed.

  6. California31

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    Stay vigilant...double check the records that you can...very important as the docs dictate...and don't necessarily check the reports....I found a significan error in a report from St. Armand years do your best to review what records you can.
    As far as AD help goes....are you just talking meds? I'm not so sure weight gain is part of the drill..
    Good luck....
  7. skippy007

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    My rheumy is the one who wrote a two page letter to SSDI on me specifically supporting me being disabled, why, and what needed to be done over the next year or two for improvement. The AD help he offered is for medication as he feels I have some significant depression signs but I am unfamiliar with the meds so I am hesitant. I wake up 4-5 times a night from pain in shoulder, low back and hip, or hot flashes. I have read there can be weight gain from some of the meds and I am not one for that however, the pain and sleeplessness has run its course with me. I take flexeril and tamazepan but still wake up at night. I am up for the fight with SSDI-I expected it. It seems the physical limitations would weight heavier than the mental depression but I guess not. I certainly feel depressed but it is all centered around this DD.
  8. skippy007

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    bumping for skippy007
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    When I was working on my SSDI I was having trouble getting my MD to write a letter to the SS office. The letters were some what like this:" Rosemarie has low back pain as well as knee pain and is unable to work at all at this time. She can't lift more than 20 lbs or walk more than 200 ft. Thanks"

    Like that was going to help me. I had asked them for a copy of my medical records for his office. I looked at all the problems he noted I had.

    I took them and wrote a letter a kind of fill in the blank letter.
    Here is a sample :
    Spinal Stenosis:What is this? How does this affect the patient? What are the symptions of this syndrome? Can the patient work?

    What are the patients prognosis? Is she going to be able to go back to work?

    Then I gave it to him on a visit and a week or so I got the call that he had it filled out. He hand wrote all the answers to the qusetions I asked. He went into great detail about the pain problems I have, that I was on pain meds. He really did a great job and it was readable as well.
    I sent it off my self , this was in December and in January I recieved a letter stating that i needed to get new x-rays on both knee's I did this on the appointed day.
    I had them send me a copy of the diognosis. And I cryed when i read it. End -stage osteoarthritis in right knee, there were more medical termninology in it.

    But to sum it up I have floating junk in my knees and they will cause my knees to lock up and they won't unlock very fast. I also have bone spurs in both knees. The left knee was the same as the right knee stating that this is serious and that there is NO quick fix for me.

    ON FEb.14th of this year at 8 am I got a phone call and the person said that he was from the disability department.

    I had him repeat that part. HE said that I qualified for SSDI and again I gasp and said ARE YOU SURE? I even asked the time old question "I thought that NO ONE EVER GOT disiabilty on the first try"

    I was told that it happens more often than you think but I have only heard of it once. THat was my cousin in CA who had Imflamitory Breast Cancer.

    I bugged my doctors to write letters to the SSDI and made sure that I had documantation on all of the aches and pain that I have to live with. I made sure that all letters were sent reciept requested.

    Don't know if that helped or not. I Just tried to find out about all the symptoms I had and to write all of them down in the letter I gave my pain doctor.

    I had my orthopedic write a letter as well , { I shattered my left wrist and radius. now have a titaium plate and screws holding me together again. LIKe humpty dumpty} I also called the SS office often to see where my case was at.

    Yes I know that I was lucky to have not had to fight for this. I have lived in pain for so many years so when I filled out my paper work I wrote when my pain started for me it was when I was a child of 4 yrs old. I reported every surgery I have had, every bad reaction I have had. I wanted them to know me as well as they could and to understand that I was living in pain 24/7 even while I am taking strong pain medicaitons.

    I would like to think that what I did helped me to get it so soon.
    Best of luck to all trying to get SSDI
  10. skippy007

    skippy007 New Member

    Thanks to all that responded - it is greatly appreciated. Knowledge is power especially dealing with SSDI.

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