SSDI Turned down again

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cafe52, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. cafe52

    cafe52 New Member

    Hey everyone,
    well I have been turned down once again for SSDI so I called those people ALSUP they even said they could not help me if my docs won't even help me. So what am I to do I am still going to fill out the paperwork for a hearing but I need help doing even that and I am discouaged.

    My rhumy wants me to have an exray done and some expensive blood test becusr I am in so much pain at night and during the day.

    I have no insurance and I am not eligeble for Medical so these test have to come out of my pocet, I already have so many bills I can't pay.

    What should I do? I need some advice.

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    I am so so sorry you were denied again, but please do not give up...Keep Fighting!! They want to see if you will give up.

    Sence you now will be at the hearing stage, start making phone calls in the morning to Lawyers, at least get as many Free consulations as you can, they will at least give you some advise on your case and hopfully you will find a lawyer to take your case....They get no $$$ until you have been approved!! I even e-mailed several lawyers and had gotten some great advise, when I was in the process of filing.

    Again im sorry you were denied, PLEASE do not give up!!

    I have more I wanted to add, but brain-fog at the moment...I'll come back to your post tomorrow...

    Good Luck
  3. whoachief

    whoachief New Member

    I would definately contact a lawyer because I couldn't have continued my fight without one - just because I wasn't physically or emotionally able! Most lawyers charge a percentage once you are approved but don't get any $$ (other than minimal expenses) if you aren't approved. The others are right - they want you to give up & will do anything to discourage you so that you will. My case was denied until I went to a hearing. The lawyers knew which drs. & psych. had been successful in getting people approved in the past & sent me to those drs for evaluations. At the hearing mine was approved. Good luck to you - I know how frustrating it is.
  4. Bailey-smom

    Bailey-smom New Member

    I just wondered why you would not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare - if you don’t mind me asking? It is rough not having your medical bills covered - the costs are outrageous!

    I can’t help but think that where there is a will there is a way and if you will not be able to qualify for SSDI without the testing you need to find some way to get the testing done.

    Speak with an attorney that specializes in these things - they will be able to help you immensely!

    Thinking of you!
  5. cafe52

    cafe52 New Member

    Thank you for your input I did talkmto Alsup they are a law firm that deals with ssdi cases but wehn I told them my dr's were not on board with it they said thye could not help me.

    Also I do not qualify for any asstance becasue my husband makes too much money were are in the middle too rich for medical too poor for coverage at least for me my husband works fro a small company that only covers him not family members.

    I don't want to give up but if my doctors won't do anything what else can I do?

  6. natrlvr2

    natrlvr2 New Member

    The 'system' tries to make it impossible for you to get disability. It took me 6 YEARS to win my claim.The anothe ryr. of fighting after that.(took my SSDI away and gave me SSI)The thing HAVE to have a Dr. that will support you.Most Drs. do not want to get involved because it is more paperwork for them.(among other things) It took me a long time to find someone to help me.
  7. cafe52

    cafe52 New Member

    So I think I am srewed
  8. puppyfreak

    puppyfreak New Member

    Is there a community health center or low-income clinic where you live? You might be able to get in there and find a supportive Doc and lower-cost medical care.
    Other options are a teaching hospital [clinic at a University] or alternaive practitioners.
    And ask [wherever you get treated] for a sliding-scale fee or see if you can apply as a 'Charity Case' based on already having so many bills.
    Ask your Rheumy if there are less expensive tests that can verify what he needs to know and what will build your case for SSDI.
    You really don't need lots of fancy tests to prove you're disabled. You just need to show that you can't do any kind of work, even 'sit-down' kinds of jobs. And your husband [and other relatives and friends] can write a statement to that effect - describing what you can and can't do that shows you couldn't keep a job.
    Don't get discouraged - they don't make it easy!

  9. cafe52

    cafe52 New Member

    Clinic yes qualify no I looked into that my husband makes too much money.

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