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    I had a call on friday from a lady at SSDI she asked about my paperwork and such I told her I had just put it in the office that morning. She seen that I applied for SSD because of cancer and Bipolar Manic Depressive and for Fibro.<p> She asked me what kind of Cancer I had, I told her Karposi Sarcoma. She was just confirming what I had put on the first form I had filed. She then told me that with the Cancer I would be PD and that I was to call next week and start the process for medicaid/medicare and payroll so I take it I got it.<p> Not sure what PD means. (Anyone??)<p> I asked her well will that also include the bipoal and fibro and she said I quote "I have been dealing with alot of fibro folks and we have been getting each of them taken care of fully once the Dr statements come in there all set"<p> So I do believe they are getting the just of things its just taking them to long to do it. So I'll just see where this all goes and let you all know what's going on.<p> I've been on one of my endless nonsleep parties only have had about 1.5hrs of sleep since Weds and not only does it play with my fibro but also my bipolar.<p> Have to watch the meds cause they mess with the bipolar part so I can't take sleep aids. Any non med ideas for sleep would sure help.<p> I really want to thank all of you each and everyone of you for the board I sit hear all night and just read and learn not just here but for my other probs also (since I'm so messed up)<p>Oh and BTW I just found out today that my aunt had to have surgery on her neck from something the family shares (my mother my 3uncles and my 2other aunts and my granmother and her mother before her too) So I get to go and get this checked out (has something to do with the curve being the wrong way and the verts not sitting right) Oh well I guess LOL<p>Can I Scream now or should I wait to see what else I get thrown on my plate.<p> well enough ranting thanks for letting me vent I'll be back (pun I know)<p> Steve
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    Sorry about your sleep problems. Try some herbal teas -- Valerian, Linden (Tilia), Chamomile, or Cannabis -- they might help a bit.

    I can't take ambien, does nothing for me. Don't like sleepers anyway. Avoid opiates before bedtime if they wire you up like they do me -- if I take Darvocet before bed I just can't sleep.

    Also, an old and comforting remedy you might try is a glass of warm milk before trying to sleep.

    I usually eventually read myself to sleep with light fiction, trying to turn the pages slowly so I don't wake my partner of 35 yrs. He is a heavy sleeper fortunately!

    Hope someone has some better ideas for you then I do.

    Best Wishes to ya!
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    dear it really sounds like youve got a lot on your mind.
    PLease dont give up there are a lot of people on this site so youll be able to get lots of good advice & tons of support.
    You gotta hang on in there & come & vent anytime.
    ake it easy fibrolady37.
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    Don't believe that just because someone has fibro it will be a cake walk. I've been denied twice.
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    Dear Steve:

    Just wanted to tell you that my mother (65) has bi-polar and takes neurontin. It is one of the meds that I have been offered. I believe that it treats symptoms of both bi-polar and FMS. Something you might want to consider. I have also been offered klonopin, but have not taken it. My mother takes it for her anxiety issues...seems to work well.

    Also, I take Flexeril for FMS and have had very good luck with it. It is not a "sleeping" aid, but it does allow me to get a more restorative sleep, once I fall asleep. It is a muscle relaxer.

    Good luck to you, and I hope you get your SSDI as soon as possible. I am not sure what the PD means, but hopefully, it means right away!


  6. steve69h

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    First off let me say I know it's not this easy to get approved for fibro folks. I also want to say I'm going to try some of the teas you all have mentioned. I would try the milk but I can't do the dairy route used to when i was young but the body don't like it anymore.<p>I finally got some relief this week with rest I caught a cold and a virus so I have been sick as a puppy and so I have been in bed for the last few days. It's pretty bad when you have to get this sick to sleep (lol)<p> Still waiting to hear from the Dr so as to have an appt to get my back and neck checked out and I have to wait till Dec for an appt to have my Flex sigmoid scope done (Dr not real pleased with that either since he wanted it 3 months ago) <p> My ID Dr told me he actually did some studiying on fibro and I think he is actually understanding now whats going on with me. He want me to see a Dr for just the fibro now ( the only prob with kaiser a different dr for everything) but at least I'm moving ahead. (yea) Take care Steve

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