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    Had appointment with the neurologist this week. Still cannot find the problem. He is looking over my mri again to see if something was missed.

    I was referred to a bone specialist. the good thing about the exam was that he noted that I did have a medical problem. From his observation, pain medication and therapy is more that likely my only options.

    My question is, my lawyer filed my claim to the appeals council after I was denied at the ALJ hearing, i have refiled a new application and is considering getting a new lawyer, will i have to pay both lawyers if I am denied on the new application and retain the new lawyer?

    Is the new application decision just as long as the first application?

    How long before I hear from the appeals council?

    thanks for your help
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    I'm not clear as to your question but I assume from your Post that your first case denied by ALJ has not been fully desposed of, correct?? How is it (if this is the case) that you have seemingly opened up a "new case" with a "new attorney". I didn't know that you could have two appeals ongoing at the same time??
    Suggest you pickup Nolo's "GUIDE TO SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY" at your local library. It discribes in layman's terms the process and the law. Also suggest you contact "legal aid" in your town. It is my understanding that Attorney's do not get awarded fees unless they win for you. Best Wishes,
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    check it out..

    and you can always call the ssa office and they should be able to help on the payment process of attorney's fees it is overseen by them already..

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    I changed lawyers one month befor my hearing.What happens is the new law firm makes an agreement with the old for the work they did and pay them a small fee of what they get.

    You do not pay them both.Reason is you have a right to change firms.