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  1. jaime13

    jaime13 New Member

    I am from Va. and it is taking me 10 plus months to hear anything. Do I detect a problem?
  2. kac1960

    kac1960 New Member

    17 months, my hearing is Sept. 27 and filed in April of 2005. So I dont think there is any problem.

    Good Luck Kathy
  3. minkanyrose

    minkanyrose New Member

    my dad always told me the squeeky wheel alwas got oiled because they got tired of hearing it.

    I filled in Sept 2003 got 1st check in Dec 2oo5. I would call about every2-3 months and ask who has my paper work now and where will it go form there. etc.

    maybe just lucky it didn't take so long maybe they got tired of hearing me. hope you get yours i know how hard it is to go with out the needed money .

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