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    Hello everyone, I am back after being away due to sickness. Trying to catch up with the message board.

    Was checked by the ssdi doctor and is still waiting on the outcome. as you may remember my case was remanded back to the alj by the appeals council. please pray and keep me in your prayers that this nightmare is almost over.

    my physical condition is getting worse. the surgeries that i have had seem to be reversing themselves.

    No tax paying citizen should ever have to go through a nightmare such as this.

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    The surgeries did help some, but, without the pain pills I would not be able to function at all. Still have to wear splints on my hands and use my back brace.

    I am dealing with the herniated disc in my neck as well as I can. Surgery is a no no for that right now. Was having nightmares just from the thought of it.

    Pain management is my next option. maybe it will help me some.

    thanks everyone for caring. will keep you posted.

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    Yes I do have a lawyer and i did file a new claim.