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    This is off topic, but I know a lot of you know about SSDI. My sister (46) has had multiple strokes in the last 2 weeks and evidence of previous silent ones. She now has constricted vessels in her brain, but they can't operate (too risky). They have her on Plavix.

    So she can't work and needs help. She was in the hospital twice already and now will have medical bills to pay. Any advice will be much appreciated.
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    Sending up prayers for you both.

    Try to contact anyone in the community who can help in getting the SSDI process started. It is a long-term process. The hospital should have some kind of social services or resource person who can help point you in the right direction.

    Is your sister able to help and make medical and financial/legal decisions? Does she have a durable power of atty? Your ability to help may be limited if not. You can contact an atty who deals with SSDI for advice. You don't have to pay until the SSDI is awarded. When the disability is so very clear cut and visible, though, an atty may not be necessary. In that case, it's just a lot of legwork for gathering the info needed to apply. Contacting SS is a good place to start if you get someone who is decent. Unfortunately, this is not always the case when dealing with them.

    Best of luck to you. I know this feels overwhelming but as you dig in, things will start to line up. BTW, your sister may qualify for Medicaid so check this out too.

    Love, Mikie
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    If your sister's doctor believes that she will be unable to work for at least a year, then she should apply for SSDI right away. I mistakenly thought several years ago that you had to be off of work for a year before applying, but that was incorrect.

    Getting SSDI is not necessarily a long-term process. My brother applied on the basis of RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy) and he was approved within a couple of months of applying, it was very quick. But of course it can also take years. But my guess is that if your sister's doctor will state that she can't work for at least a year, that her application will go quicker than most of us who applied on the basis of CFS or FM.

    You can apply on-line - go to the social security website. You can also do a phone application I believe. Just contact them.

    And as someone else said, if she has disability through her employer, she should apply for that right away. Also, if she is in California (or another state which has state disability), she should apply for that as well.

    You can get an attorney's help with the SSDI application. If they are successful, they will receive a percentage of her back benefits (e.g., if it takes a year to win, they would receive 25% of that year's benefits). You can also just do it on your own, I don't know which is better initially, with or without an attorney.

    I'm really sorry your sister is having strokes - she's so young - but she's also very lucky to have a sister like you who is helping her.

    One more thing - there is a disability benefits board on this website, you might check that out too.

    Take care -

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    ...First I went to DSHS and signed up for GAU...that stands for General Assistance for the Unemployable...all the states have this but it might be called something else in your state..
    In my state it pays $339.00 a month...full medical and food stamps...

    The DSHS office will help her file out the SSDI papers also..but I would feel better if she did that with help from you...
    Just to make sure its done..

    So this GAU program is like a band aid until the SSDI comes thru....

    Now seeing as its a severe medical problem it should go thru without any hassles...

    I realize that $339.00 doesn't sound like much but what you want and need is the Medical that goes along with it...and also $200.00 in food stamps...

    I wish you luck with this...It sounds complicated but really its pretty staight forward...

    The trick is getting a good case worker at the State level...

    Also if she has any bills that she worries about call the companies and tell them what the medical emergency is....

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    I mean that even if one is approved on the first try, one is not eligible for something like five months after the initial date of disability for benefits. Then, it is twenty-four months before one is eligible for Medicare.

    I have read that so many people who have lost their jobs are applying for disability and the system is clogged, causing long waits for those applying. When one is eventually approved, the benefits are payed retroactively but people are on their own until then.

    Again, good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    ...When my hubby had his first brain surgery the hospital set him up for SSI...

    ...and it was approved instantly...

    ....But with me my SSDI took years...thats why
    I was placed on GAU first....

    ....So maybe the hospital has some kinda pull with the
    SS department...

    ....also they placed him on SSI.....not SSDI...I think
    figuring he might get better.....

    ....So maybe sign up for all three..

  7. rocky76

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    ...But with my Hubby..his liscense was suspended for year...due to the strokes and brain surgery...

    ...We didn't know about this until he drove himself to the doctor and she freaked out.... make sure she isn't on a medical suspension...
  8. Mikie

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    It is for people left with very little income. I don't know what the criteria are but, again, either SS, or a social worker in the hospital can help with applying. One can be on SSDI and SSI as well. When one is on Medicare, SSI can help pay the Part B premium. Look at all the options available. Again, I know this sounds overwhelming so get some help from someone who knows the ins and outs. Good luck and God bless you.

    Love, Mikie
  9. lvjesus

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    for all the info. I will pass to her and hope it helps. She is married and has a grown son living at home also, so she has some help which is good.

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