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    Does anybody know if any state is better than another to get SSDI?
    Please HELP me. I am so depressed. They just told me that I, now, on top of everything else, I have Mitral Valve Regurgitation and may need surgery. I haven't worked, as a nurse, in over 1 1/2 years. I live in PA and Fla. Fla. is really hard to get SSDI. I am wondering if if PA. is a better state to apply in.
    HELP, anyone.
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    I noticed that you haven't received any replies yet. This is the first time I've checked out the message board and I'm learning about how other people feel and can relate to a lot of them. If you mean by SSDI, Social Security Disibilty, I can only tell you of my experiences with them to date. I first applied on my own one year ago last Jan.
    They absolutely LOVE to turn you down and I seriously think that all states are the same. They really make it tough. Of course, they turned me down. The second time I applied, I got a lawyer, which, I'm told, is the only way to go. Most all lawyers won't charge you upfront. Once the disability is approved, they get a cut. Anyway, they turned me down again. It was ironic, they actually contradicted themselves by giving the opposite reason from the first regection. My lawyer said-and other people I've talked to agree-that they usually turn you down two or three times. Great, hea? Especially when your too sore, tired,anxious and depressed to work and money doesn't grow on trees! Next, my lawyer reapplied and requested a court date. That could take awhile, like months more to a year or so. Needless to say, I'm still waiting. BUT, along with the wait, I've aquired more illnesses. So, to answer your question-it takes time and you are better getting a lawyer to help out. Good luck.
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    Hi there, just wanted to reply to your post on SSDI. Well I applied in 2000 and it took 2 denials before I got a lawyer and then I got hearing before a judge and he turned me down and I know there were things that qualified me so I appealed it to the appeals court and they agreed and sent it back for another judge hearing but the down side is that it is the same judge so he will be mad and I won't get it again so I will appeal it again and again till they accept it. The thing is to just keep fighting and fighting. They want you to give up so they won't have to pay. So do it and just hang in there and FIGHT< FIGHT AND FIGHT some more.
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    first thank you for replying to my message. in reference to ssdi, i'm not sure which state is best but you said you had trouble getting dr.'s to take bcbs. here in oklahoma there are lots of doctors taking bcbs, probably just about all of them. and if you ask bcbs to send you a listing of doctors in your area, that would really make it easier for you to find one they'll send you their names and phone numbers and locations and hospitals they are affiliated with. i hope this helps you find a doct. thank you again for your reply to my message in september

    p.s. if your trying to get ssdi, getting a lawyer will really speed up time and you'll be more apt to get on ssdi. you might ask the lawyer which state is the easiest. and it might also make a difference which state you have worked in the longest, when you were working.

    good luck and i'll be praying for you. the duke