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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Hootie1, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Hootie1

    Hootie1 New Member

    Ok, I know that I am being a worry wart, but...

    What if my depression gets better but my FM hasn't changed- will they stop my benefits at the review if I still only have FM but have recovered from most of the depression issues?

    Just curious if anyone has gone through this?
  2. findmind

    findmind New Member

    I saw you hadn't received any replys, so wanted to assure you. If your FM stays bad, you will still have secondary depression and the combination of the two make you unable to function normally.

    So, I'd say you should make sure you can say "The depression has been helped by the meds, but if I get under stress or others' expectations, I get deeper depression because I can't mee the challenges."

    Many with FM have SSDI; depression or not, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. It is know to cause neurologic damage, so 'brain fog' can also be added to your medical charts if that becomes a problem.

    Sleep issues are usually a part of FM also; if yu have those, make sure they get documented in your chart.

    See, all these add up, so don't worry, you will hav a good case as long as the FM exists.

  3. irishbookfairy

    irishbookfairy New Member

    Hi there Hootie,

    For one thing I am not sure what type of depression you have. Do you have the psychiatrist diagnosed depression, sometimes called unipolar? If so, you will not lose your ssdi. There will be times in your life when you feel much better and with the appropriate use of meds(which can often take a long time to find the perfect ones) you can often feel good forever. However, I have bipolar and FM and got my ssdi based on my bipolar--before I was diagnosed with fm. I am completely stable right now as far as my bipolar goes. About 3 years ago they finally upped my dose of depakote to 1000mg Er a night from the 500mg ER I was taking and that did the trick. I see my pdoc twice a year now and in that field twice a year means "stable". So, I have come up for a review already twice (have had bipolar for 8 1/2 years) and I just told the truth about how I was and this included feeling better at times and other times not feeling so great (my pdoc says I will ALWAYS have little peaks and valleys) and they have still approved me.

    Now about your FM. If you look in the list of approved disabilities on the social security site you will find that FM is indeed listed as a disability. If you are really freaked about losing your SSDI then if I were you I would write to social security or at least call them and tell them you have a dx of FM now as well. They may have you fill out a new form (fun, fun) and then you will definitely be covered. So do not worry. This is when flares happen. You do not need that. Believe me when I tell you I know a lot about how the governemnt works. I know they will not leave you out in the cold on this one. Now if you have backtaxes ---- well thats a completely different story!!!! But they wont mess around with someone who has a disability, there are to many safeguards and controls set into place so that they can not discriminate against someone like you who is suffering. Just hang in there friend and you will be fine! irishbookfairy
  4. aspiemom

    aspiemom New Member

    I've been receiving SSDI since the end of '01 for the same dx. I haven't been 'reviewed' yet. Try to stop worrying -it will only make your pain worse - which will exasperate your depression.... Take a deep breath and concentrate on feeling better - that's what is important!
    Good luck!
  5. day2day

    day2day Member

    I have had cfs for 20 plus years now.

    I finally got ssdi in 2004 ( maybe 2003 - I forget exactly).

    A year or 2 I got a review packet to fill out - I filled it out, my therapist write an accompanying letter explaining my daily functioning abilities.

    I made copies of all the forms and letters, and somehow between my house and the mail box lost the original forms. I had to call the social security center, explain it all and they were very nice about it- had me copy the copies and send to local SS office, I got the name, location and time and date of phone call.

    Approx 3 mos. go buy and I get a letter stating they never received my review info. So again I call the main Social Security Center, I make a note of date, time, location, and name of person, they tell me to copy everything and send it to a diff adress.

    About 3 mos later I get another letter stating copies are not allowed, so I call the Social Security Center in again
    explaining what happened the two times I have called in the past 6 mos., So they said just fill it all our again and attach the copies along with the info of the 2 previous people you have spoken to info, dates and times.

    By now I was so confused and nervous cause I was way over due for the papers to meet the deadline.

    After 6 mos of sending that last paperwork in ( a year after original review ), I had to call to get a proof of income verification and happened to ask if they had anything on my review. She said they had terminated the review and I was not being reviewed.

    I am figuring they looked at my nutty , crazy paperwork and said - man this womans brain is fried from the CFS, no way she will be working anytime soon. lol.
  6. lallerb

    lallerb New Member

    How is that different? I am at the final level of appling for SSDI for FM, despression and PTSD. I'm waiting for my hearing date before a judge. I recently found out that the LTD disability settlement I got a few years ago is taxable even though I went to an accountant who said it wasn't. The IRS is now telling me I owe about $9000 +penalties, which I can't pay because I have no income. Will this affect me in getting approved? Jeez, I don't need anything else stressing me out right now.

  7. Hootie1

    Hootie1 New Member

    You guys are SO supportive and I am very grateful!!! Very good advice and I will take it! My review is for every three years. I was diagnosed and approved for depression, anxiety, and NOS (not quite sure of what NOS is but it seems to be a general type of depression) as well as FM.

    lallerb- I'm not sure that it will have anything to do with getting approved- if you are worried about them taking the $9000 out first, I think that these things are done separately.

    Maybe someone else can better answer your question- I'm sorry I couldn't hlep.

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