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    I am new here and I am going through a yuck time. I have had cfids since 95 probally longer but didnt know it. In 95 I got so sick of doctors and meds *had a paper sack half full of meds from trial and error* that I finally said No more and suffered for many years. I have went through many marriages and many jobs over the past years. I will start a job think that things are going great and get sick as all get out. Of course then after so many sick days I get fired. In 2001 I finally decided it was time to see the doctors again, My husband helps me through it all now. I am finally at a stage in my life where my life is good as I have two kids and my husband who is very suporrtive. Now on to the SSI part, I just lost my job again! and I am having to face the fact that ppl are now looking atme and saying why have you went through so many jobs and don't want to hire me .. not to mention how sick I get when I start working. I have big huge gaps in work history with little months worked at each job. My husband is afraid to ask me to go to work cause he has seen how I get when I work. I am also trying to come off some of the meds which I really want. Meds cause me to have panic attacks. My aunt and some others I lived around also have cfids and are trying to get me to swallow my pride and apply for SSI but I dont know if I can go through everything that you all have done to get it. I don't even know where to start, I cant remember the doctors I saw in 95 and my doctors now ignore the fact that I told them I have cfids, but they diagnois me with new things everyday, *ie.... IBS, TMJ, migranes, tension headaches, acid reflue, tested for carpal tunnel and many more things* I get tired of all the test and things. but is SSI worth it my hubby cant support us on his own .. and I cant seem to stay working should I try SSI?? I dont know I feel soooooooo confussed right now,
    'Do any of you have motion sickness like cant watch 3 games or read off a puter for long without getting dizzyand sick ??? ok sorry for the ramble hope this makes sense :)
    Lots of thoughts and love to all
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    Hi Melenda, welcome to our world! Sorry you are having so many problems. Many of the members here do work, but personally I don't know how they manage, its so hard to just go from day to day most of the time. I admire them greatly as I know how they suffer.

    Can't help with the SSDI, but many here have been through it and will be glad to share with you.

    Wanted to welcome you to the board, and do hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Sorry to hear about your situation.

    I heard you say that your husband can't support you on his own, and you can't work. (You want to and you try, but history shows you can't right now.) So I think you need to apply. Firstly, you should call Social Security and find out whether you qualify for SSI or for SSDI. Tell them you are not interested in applying at this time, you just need to know. (You have to have worked for 5 years to qualify for SSDI. Also, you have to apply within a certain period of time, but all your work attempts in the interim extended the period. And remember to call them "work attempts". If you don't qualify for SSDI, you can always apply for SSI. But the amount of your household income can disqualify you.)

    Then maybe you could call a disability attorney who will just answer your questions (for free) about what it takes to apply. Do you need to know all the doctor info (especially for SSI), etc?

    If so, maybe you could have your "job" right now to be going through your records and your memory (as much as possible), and try to reconstruct your medical info for the past 8 years. Don't stress yourself out by thinking you need to finish in a week, give yourself time to do it as thoroughly as possible. If you at least remember the clinics you went to, you can just go there and get records from 1995 to the present, that should do it.

    A lot of us have trouble focusing on moving things especially, like the TV. I think some even have trouble with the computer monitor.

    Good luck![This Message was Edited on 07/18/2003]
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    Hello Melenda,


    I can only give you my experience. I finally broke down and asked for help. It took me almost 2 years to realize that I am not going back to work.

    The application process was not too bad. I am waiting to hear the results however. As for the application, well, I applied in the middle of May and they are telling me that my application is in the final stage and I should hear before the end of July.

    I did not see one of their medical doctors. I did see one of their psychologists. I guess this is fairly routine. I have lots of medical records with more than enough evidence for permanent disability. My codes match their codes. Most of my stuff is back and chronic persistant pain related.

    So, I hope all works out. I also have an amazing doctor who has watched my well being decline over the past 12 years. I will post when I have the results from SSDI.

    Hang in there and keep posting.
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    Thank you all for the words of advice all are welcome. I am scared of what all I will need to drag my family through all this. I know they will all want to do tons of tests. I hate doctors that just look at me and say ummm we don't see where the problem is. I guess I want to turn around and say well see the problem is that I am starting to feel like a loon cause you never see what the problem is and when I go to different doctors in the same building they come up with something different. Like one had me on all kinds of athsma stuff and that doctor had to leave so I saw someone else in the same building and he isnt sure that I had/have athsma. So now I am not sure if I have it or don't. I do know that I feel a sharp pain in my ungs when I breathe in sometimes. Not always. Sometimes I wonder what they do really know about me or what I don't. Ok I think now I have just rambled and this no longer is about the same things I started out about, I am sorry ..
    Again Thanks for listening and for the encouragement.
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    Sorry you are going through so much. I've been there. I have both FM/CFS and osteoarthritis. I haven't been able to return to work since 2001 and I have worked sice I was 17. I'm now 55 and feel like I'm 80 most of the time. My Dad is 83 and can walk and get around better than me. I have just started to file for SSDI. I qualify as far as having paid it in for the insurance. I couldn't get SSI because my husband works. It hurts to loose my income and I'm not sure if I'll get any help. You can read my profile. I have a few problems. I filed eveything on the computer. My husband helped me with forms etc. Then we went and got a social security attorney that is doing it probono. So, he must have some faith in it at least he took my case. All of my doctors here are new to my case since I have moved recently. I never send anything to social security that my attorney doesn't read over. He can at least think. These brain fogs and word mix ups make me feel stupid and helpless. Thank God my husband is considerate. I try so hard to say things sometimes and just can't get the right words. Good luck. I pray my case will come through okay but the attorney said don't be suprised if I get rejected. Then he will go to court & fight for me! I hope he can carry through and really understands this illness. I'll pray for us both. Betty