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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by angelkisses6, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. angelkisses6

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    Hi i was wondering if anybody knew how long it takes before you get a no or yes answer from ssi after you have been sent to their dr and shrink? its been a month already for me since ive seen them and i havent heard anything yet and i was just wondering if it takes real long? Iam aleady perpared for the no answer,this is my first time for this and i know it can take awhile before they give it to you,but i hope it dosent take too long before they give you any answer,thanks all for your help take care,marieann
  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i had seen their dr's the end of july last year...i think it was...then i was approved on 9/15...the first time...

  3. TAM

    TAM New Member


    It took a little over a year for me to hear back from them, then i was denied but went before a judge and two yrs after that i was approved I thought they lost my file or just plain forgot about me. So don't give up hang in there. Extra good luck to you. TAMMY
  4. Rose73

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    In my state it takes about 3 months. It took almost 4 months on mine. Most are denied. You must appeal within 60 days, and it will be sent back to the same place, but to a different person. That takes about 3 months. It took mine about 2. If denied again which is common, you can appeal for a hearing before an judge. That is when the long wait comes in. I feel the best time to get an attorney is after the first denial. Hope this helps.

  5. mrdad

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    You most likely will get a written letter (form) in another two weeks. It seems that SS works in six week
    intervals in the initial stages. I believe it is pre-
    programed into the computer!!

    You're fortunate to be in Cal. as things seem to move bet-
    ter here than in alot of other states! Don't be discouraged
    if your news is not favorable. That also is common at this
    stage. Just hang in there and realize your goal!!

    Have a good weekend,
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  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    had a closed case that i was still dealing with..long story sort...first time i was approved but judge ruled in my favor, but he thought since my divorce was final now and i had some shoulder surgery that i should be o to work again...and if not the i would have to reapply in two months after my last check...

    well i went back to work just some temporary jobe about 5 minutes away from my home...i took an hour for lunch that ncluded my tow 15 min. breaks so i could go home and set my alarm for a nap just try to make it through the day.....

    it was oly a 7 1/2 day...did it for about a month...then sept...then december came around and i did it all ovr again....same routine...i could hardly sleep at all stressed about money///working this temp jobe...
    \anyways,,fbruary i got shingles on my i filed....

    but since they were trying to still clear up thr payments that they owed me for my son for ssdi...they couldn't start the new case until the old one was took forver...anyways..finally had psy eval middle of july and the physical the same nitwit dr...

    7/30 0r 31..can't remember which date...but i got my approval on september of that same year..

    now i am still waiting for money they took out of my check to pay for an attorney that i never even had....i won at the initial level...this time////

    andthey still haven't given me my son's retroactive pay...

    it has been a mess...they are saying is still owe like over 8k for my worker's comp case...i had to fill out a request to review because i deny any responibillities for that debt...especailly when my worker's comp check was for 2,750 and they took off the amount i paid my w.c. att. of 330.00

    and they took that money out of my original case...and they goofed and stated that my worker's comp lump sum was for like 400.oo

    well since it was their error they have to eat...myself and my attorney on the first closed case had given them all of the approiate by the laws it was their mistake so they must waive it...

    but they havent..yet to this day and are holding up my son retro pay and 5500.00 for a nonexistent attorney i never used for my last case...i won at the initial application..

    i see there are 2 areas in the la area that are doing experimental cases of not having people go through the reconsideration level or appeal...if they are denied at the initial phase...they are putting them right into the system for a hearing level...if you get denied get an that can go all the way to the federal supreme court..mine in the bay area can do that..she was one of 5 that could do that....

    good luck..


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