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    Hi everyone,
    I have just received a notice in the mail stating that my SSI claim has been "medically approved." It goes on to state that before I can receive benefits, they must update my claim "concerning my income, resources, and living arrangements." They set up a telephone appointment for me for next week.
    What I'm wondering is what type of questions can I expect now? I want to be prepared because it seems like I have been waiting for so long that I don't want anything to cause it to be further delayed. Any "heads ups", advice, or sample questions you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I'm also curious as to how much longer it takes to receive benefits once you reach this point.
    Thank you all so very much,
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    My daughter was accepted for SSI and they asked her how much in assets she had , you cannot have more than $2,000 and then they asked for living expenses in the household and how many persons lived at the home, and from there they figured how much she would recieve each month. She recieved her first check within 1 week with direct deposit. They actually back pay you from 30 days after you filed.I am so happy for you!!!
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    about your income -- if you have any and how much per month

    resources --do you have a car?- approx how much is it worth?

    do you have a cash value or whole life insurance policy?
    How much cash could you take out?

    Do you have bank accounts? how much in checking?
    How much in savings? Other accounts?

    Do you have any savings bonds, CD's, stocks, money market funds, mutual funds or bonds? They will want to know the value of these.

    Do you live alone or is someone else supporting you? If you are paying rent -how much? Approx. how much are your utilities?

    You are allowed to have $2,000 in cash or assets that can be converted to cash(if you are single); $3,000 if you are married.

    Assets do not include burial expenses or plot; moderately valued car or home.

    If your assets are just over the limit: pay some bills, stock up on groceries or buy some postage stamps before your phone interview.

    It's not hard -- you've done the hard part already.

    By the way, if you are not already getting food stamps, you should apply for them.


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    I just wanted to thank you both for your responses. And so I can know what to expect to receive, is it true that you are entitled to more benefits if you live alone?