SSI Do I Have To Stop Working To Get It

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by louiesgirl2, Oct 9, 2008.

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    I live in Florida, my FM is flaring up and making it more difficult to get up and get to work. I am a secretary and I sit most of the day, however, if I have to get up and walk the pain is intolerable.

    I cannot afford to stop working and be without an income. So, that is why the question.
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    Dear one, I seem to be "magnetized" to you today, answering your posts.

    Have you been working for 5 years? Call Soc. Sec. (1-800-772-1213) and ask them how many "quarter" of work you have, and if you are eligible to apply for disability.

    If you don't have enough quarters, ask how many more you need, how long that will take (they can calculate it at your present income amount), and if it is soon, ask them to send you an application to file.

    If you don't have enough quarters, welfare (SSI) will make you file for both SSDI and SSI at the same time; the welfare will come thru for you first, then it ends if you are approved for SSDI.

    You are going to need more than pain when you walk in order to qualify for disability; you will need a job description, and a reason why you cannot complete each,
    "Typing for 4-6 hours per day"...I can no longer do this because of the increasing pain in my neck, shoulders, and even hands.

    Bending and reaching to file: "I can no longer do this because of the pain in the muscles of my legs, hips and shoulders."

    Get it?

    Let me ask this; do you have good documentation regarding the things you have tried for the pain? You will need excellent records, so make sure you really emphasize your pain and sleep disorder and thinking disorder, if you have those, during your next several visits to your dr. YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY need this, ok?

    You see, it is all about documentation; that is how Soc. Sec. will decide your case. If your dr. doesn't document your problems, you have no case. Get a copy of your records now, look at them and decide what is left out and make sure you emphasize those things on your next visit.

    Start getting organized to file right now...

    Get your job description: think about it, and how your FM makes it painful to do your job (you have to be UNABLE to work!).

    Report your difficulties to your supervisor; can they make any accomodations for you? (This is also documentation...get a copy of the report and their reply.)

    List every single symptom you have on a sheet of paper. In a column next to it, think about it, and list how that symptom hurts your ability to do your job. Keep doing this until you have really solid evidence (to yourself and whomever will read it later) that proves your case.

    List your meds, supplements, schedule (epsom salt baths? having no life other than work out of necessity?sleeping as soon as you get home?) on another sheet of paper, showing how you are trying to cope with your symptoms. In the next column, rate them on a scale of 1-10 as to how that helps you (so many don't help for days, weeks, months on end). Trying to get better and not achieving it is important to Soc. Sec. and the Admin. Law Judges (ALJs) who may hear your case eventually.

    See where I'm going? Don't just quit! Start preparing for when you absolutely have to.

    Are you missing days of work? Are you in trouble for it? Get it written down, and documented with your boss.
    Do you have a disability policy from work? If so, can you get a short-term leave due to your ongoing medical problems, so you can work on preparing for maybe permanent leave? As soon as you go on leave, the ins. co. will be preparing their case to make sure you don't get permanent disability, but that's their problem; your's will be to get ready for it and document, document, document!

    See your dr. as often as you can; maybe they can actually find something to help you, and all this info will not be necessary...I would hope so, for your sake.

    Search above for SSDI and start reading up on it, lots of great info about it here. Many have use ALLSUP and have been successful in 4-6 months with them.

    Best of luck to you!

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