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    I go to see the psychiatrist tomorrow. I filled out the paperwork, it took forever. After reading over what I wrote, I realized how bad off I am.
    Does anyone have any idea what to expect for that appt.? It's been over 10 years since I have been to one, and I just dont know what to expect. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. God bless, Julie
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    i just went to my pshyc eval 7/28. i got my papers when i should up. i din't have enuff time to fil outall my papers. theni forgot to put some of my meds on there and answer the questions. well got to room met w/dr he told me so what is going on. i made him reiterate the questions. then he said i think all yolu need to do is take some opiates and maybe some neurotin, which i allergic to the neurotin. and some other meds. then he thought that would make my pain go away 3-4 months on the opiates, then that mite hlep with my depression. hum, i have a 15 year old, divoced no family in california. and why didnt they put e on those to begin with instead of the anitdepressants. he asked questions about what do you do,how does the pain feel, then he asked me to remember three words and he will ask me again later, maybe few minutes at most he had me repeat them m,then had me draw a picture of a hexagon inside a hexgaon. i had to talk about my family abuses, ex-husband, child. i personally believe you have to be very dispruptive and not answer there questions and act like a crazy fouled mouth lunatic, that i swhat my father did and he got approved the first time, his psychiatrist primed him and some advocate he had that worked for free in michigan. he did have a stroke and lost eye sight and gets headaches. but didn't really lose enough mobility. even though he had a broken back at the time but his insurance co. wouldn't order the mri. that was a hmo. i had an evaluation beore about three years ago, lady asked me questions and hd me put blocks togehter and ink blots and some picutre book w/faces and i had to recall how many i remembered. so in theory i think they are going to write a unfavorable letter unless you can rant and rave using profanity. i couldn't find it in my heart to do that, i just have anxiety attacks and calm up or start crying. i will be waiting for my results ss# told me they had until oct. &th to give their determination. so in the mean time i need to contact my congressman like suggested and see about getting a letter from my psycologist or psychiatris. i don't know if they will do for it is a hom, kaiser< my6 attorney last time siad she asked them beforebut they don't do that.

    good luck,
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    I would love to hear how your appt goes. I am scheduled on the 15th and I am curious what goes along with that kind of appt.

    I have not recieved any paperwork as of yet. I would like to be prepared. But maybe I am better off if I am not.


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    That appt was joke to say the least. This doctor took me into the office and asked me a few questions. It lasted about 7 min and she said ok you can go. She was very cold, just like the MD I went to 3 weeks ago. This whole thing is a joke. She asked about my family, how I felt growing up and if I drank. There is no way they can help me at all. This is our government slapping me in the face. Why is it that they say that unless you have seen a doctor more than 3 times, they wont consider their opinion about your case, but they can send you to a doctor once and take that for the gospel. I am in such a bad mood right now I really need to quit tying cause all I am going to do is BITCH!
    Just letting you all know how it went. God bless, Julie