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  1. Inishfree

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    Would anyone be able to share with me their experiences with Social Security for disability. I applied two years ago and have been denied twice. My record is presently being reviewed by a hearings Judge and I have an Advocate working on my case who will advise me as to the date of the hearing.
    I am frightened about even appearing before the Judge. I have been diagnosed since 1989 with FMS and all doctor Rheumatologists just tell me to take antidepressants, klonipin, exercie, meditate and do water arrobics! I don't even think they know how to deal with FMS. I tell them the pain is one thing but the fatigue is the worst and my bloods are always normal...I have a five page report by a Psychiatrist stating he feels I should be eligible for SSD because of arthritis, depression, anxiety and FMS. This was the same report that was ignored or denied the second time. I am tired of going to doctors. I just like to stay home. I am sixty years old and have good computer skills and education so that might be against me. My energy wans before noontime. I just function at a low energy level.
    Please share with me your experiences with social security and what I might anticipate for the hearing.
    Thanks very much
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    I was denied for just FM by SSI too.

    It was'nt untill I had a confirmed back injury/herniated disks. (DX by MRI)
    At the same time I was having all sorts of tests run for Pelvic pains and passing out PMS. Which that problem ended up being Endometriosis.
    I was finally awarded my ssi for all 3 conditions.

    I've heard they deny just about everyone the 1st time.
    Does your dr. say your unable to work? That helps if he will say that on reports sent in for SSI.
    Best of Luck~
  3. Inishfree

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    Thank you for your response. The Psychiatrist did say that he felt that I could no longer compete in the work force. I did have endometriosis many years ago and was operated on and had to take Danazol (male Hormone) GOd help us! and the birth control pill. From that time on I felt fatigue every since. I think there are links and I am sure if a survey was done they would find we all have had similar medical histories.

    Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

    God Bless You.


    PITATOO Member

    Yes, you are very correct in having skills. I am not at the point of disability but was there once. I was on short term through my place of employment. I have been a computer programmer/analyser/manager for 22 years and a high education so I get descriminated against. I is really hard sometimes because of working through the pain, no sleep, exhaustion, fibro-fog etc... But I don't know what else to do. My lawyer who is a dear friend said that it would be nearly impossible because I do show up to work almost everyday, have forever, and I work long hours, have had a consulting business and everything. But I fear I am going to be stuck doing this until I drop dead. I even have heart problems but that doesn't count. The record with the company I am at now(5 years) has shown me that if you even take short term disability you will be let go. In Michigan you have no recourse if you are not union. You are considered an at will employee with no contract. There are even people in other departments that work 4 10 hour days but my boss won't let me do that. He thinks I just want a long weekend. I would be very happy with every Wednesday off. A day to recover and rebuilt my strenght and then just two days to work and then two off again. I tried being a contract programmer before I came here and ended up work almost 90 hours a week; sometimes more; even though it was from home and the money was tremendous it almost killed me; plus I had no Long Term Disability and no one would ever give me a policy unless I work for a big company and you are under their umbrella. I am almost 43 and have a hard time dealing with the fact the I will be doing this until I'm 67 or longer. You said you are 60? At least then you can get normal SS in a few years. Hang in there. Bobby
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    Hi Bobby,

    Thanks for your response. I was about 55 when I took a short term leave of absence. I didn't improve in that time period but I started the change of life at the age of 56...with hormones and all the fatigue and pain exacerbates from this ordeal. I left my job and started "freelancing" I had two jobs up until that time. One company closed down and the other was smaller w/no benefits other than insurance. I was not doing my work very well and from then on I have had about 10 jobs! My family couldn't get over my "lack of a work ethic". I began getting poor revues at work and people in the industry who knew me for years couldn't understand what was happening. I even went as far as commuting to downtown Boston and parking everyday of 28.00 because I couldn't take the regular train commute. This all did a number on my self-esteem. Now that I am out of the Industry for over three years, I don't think I could even catch up w/the changes.
    There was a chief of Nursing in a Mass. hospital who had the same condition and had to leaver her 6 figure salary for SS. I have been living off my limited savings and I am not going to make it until I turn 62. I would suggest you speak with a person who specializes in Social Security Disability. You never know! I wish you luck. GOd bless and I hope they find something to make things better for of us w/FMS.
    Thanks, Joan
  6. suzetal

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    First thing she asked me is why I feel I can not work. Pain memory and fatigue is what I told her.

    Plus that I had just gotten a promotion and a 15,000.00 a year raise and that my husband was able to retire after 34 years of teaching.

    That when I became ill in 2003 . He had to get a full time job to pay the medical and bills cause I could no longer work.

    I also told her .Do you honestly think I would give up 3000.00 a month salary and all the benefits for what I will get from ssdi .Its only going to be 698.00 a month not enough for anyone to live on.

    also told her I had worked hard to get my promotion .I'm 52 .She also had a letter from my employer on how many hours I would work and That I had never missed a day of work in 8 yrs until this started and that they could see my pain .

    Well good luck.Just be yourself and be honest .

  7. Inishfree

    Inishfree New Member

    Thanks, Sue that helps. Good luck to you as well.

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