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    I am going to be getting my first ssi check on May 1st 2011. I did speak to Social Security today and they really confused me. I do owe Welfare money dating back to Sept. 2009 and the person i was talking to said i have some retroactive coming to me from my ssi. What confused me was he told me when they were trying to figure out my retroactive they noticed that the months they gave me backpay was $30 $100 and so on. Does anyone know if this was like that because Welfare was getting paid back? Another question i have does anyone know how long it takes to get my ssd check? Thank you.
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    Because this is a Disability question and you posted it both on the Disability and Health Boards, I responded to address each of your questions on the Disability Board so others reading disability questions and responses may also get the information.
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    ssi comes quicker than ssdi ssdi takes 2months but ssi kicks in within 2-4 weeks and when ssi pays you they will deduct the money oued to welfare first off then remaining balance to you,,but when your ssdi comes they will pay back some to ssi and then balance to you, i know this because i'm a payee for my son and we just went through this a month takes up to 2-3 months to straighten it out then your checks will be normal.
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    Well, it's now 5/3/11 .... did you get your check OK??!!!!!!